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Student Finance Day

Student finance day is taking place this year on the 14th November 2011. The idea behind the day is to help prospective students to fully understand how the new finance system, to be implemented in 2012, works.

The day was thought up by the independent student finance task force to ensure that all students know how the new system works in order to make the right decision about going to university. This all comes in good time after it became apparent that university applications had plummeted this year and more and more students are confused about the new student finance proposals.

What does this mean for you? Well, there will be events all over the country today at each university where they will be able to guide you through all that you need to know. To find out about your local information day make sure you get in contact with your local university or check out their website.

There is lots of information out there on the internet about student finance in 2012 and we are happy to be the number 1 student finance website. As you may know, we have covered and extensive amount of information about the fees in 2012, from the student protests at the start to publishing a list of the universities that plan to charge the full £9,000.

We also created one of the first tools for students to compare the current tuition fees system to the new one in our student loans calculator.

Over the coming months we will be updating a vast amount of information on the site to fit in with the fees in 2012 and help students to make the right decision about going to university. Student Finance Day is an important reminder of the number of prospective A-Level and current students that do not fully understand the system due to the lack of information from the government.

So, don't forget to keep checking out Save The Student for top finance advice, not only on the tuition fees in 2012 but on all aspects of student living. We are here to help you save money whilst at university at the same time as educating more students about where there money is going.


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