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Student compensation up, £30k to live in uni library, Anger over drinking doc…

Compensation payouts to students on the rise

student-compensationHundreds of thousands of pounds worth of compensation was handed over to students last year following a big jump in complaints to universities.

Payouts rose by two-thirds in 2013 when compared to 2012 amounts, according to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator’s (OIA) yearly report.

Successful claims for compensation included students not being told that courses had been cancelled and problems with supervision and research facilities.

Our take: As a paid service provider, universities should be catering to the needs of their students and students should know how to get compensation if services are not up to scratch. It’s good to know more people are standing up to poor resources, poor communication and poor teaching standards. And being rewarded!

Job hunt for undergrads starts earlier than ever

Graduate Scheme DeadlinesA new survey has revealed that almost a half of undergraduates have started job hunting by the end of their first year and the majority begin their search at least a year before graduation.

The final year students of 2014 have applied for an average of 7.5 jobs - the highest number since 1995, when the survey began.

These findings support the idea that the “prolonged recession” had a profound effect on the graduate recruitment market.

Our take: The common perception and fear that jobs are hard to come by means students aren't taking any chances. It’s good to see the pro-activeness in getting employment secured ASAP, but at the same time it’s a bit of a shame that the carefree days of university life are becoming increasingly short-lived.

£2.5bn yearly investment in student housing to continue

student-accommodationThe student housing market has received a surge in funding over the past two years and this trend looks set to continue.

The report Spotlight on UK Student Housing states that there is currently £5 billion pounds worth of standing student housing stock and development sites sold for the purpose of being made into student accommodation.

Our take: The more student accommodation on the market the better for students. Hopefully more housing will mean cheaper rents and better landlords!

Anger sparked by ITV paying for binge drinking documentary

itv-binge-drinkingITV are in hot water after picking up the tab for a group of students in exchange for filming them on a night out getting smashed.

The footage was for a Tonight investigation, entitled "Britain’s Young Drinkers". The programme follows four young students on a night out with the purpose of examining the effects copious amounts of alcohol would have on their bodies.

Our take: Considering the controversy over binge drinking in Britain at the moment this was an ill-advised move from ITV. However I'm sure the students themselves weren't complaining (until the morning after at least) !

Birmingham student the ‘Library Hermit’ after living amongst books for six weeks

sleeping-in-libraryA student at the University of Birmingham was paid £30,000 by his older brother to spend the six weeks running up to exams living in his university library.

This included sleeping, eating and all manner of toiletry needs. He was allowed to leave the library for 45 minutes a day to have a shower.

The student, who currently remains anonymous, needs an average of 72% to pass his exams.

Our take: Although this isn't exactly a study technique we would recommend, drastic times call for drastic measures and taking up residence in a library is pretty drastic. But for £30k? Who wouldn't?! Good luck buddy!



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