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Sport Students Get Paid more, Many will never pay off loan, Thai Uni makes Hitler mistake…

Sporty Students Get Paid More as Grads

Uni SportStudents who play sport at University earn approximately £6000 more as graduates than those who don't.

A study, perhaps tellingly by British Universities & Colleges Sports, has found that sporty students get paid an average salary of £32,552 compared to £26,278 earned by students who don't take part in sports.

Our Take: If we're talking in generalisations, those who play sport are likely to have a competitive streak, be used to playing as part of a team and take on leadership roles, all things that can you make you stand out to an employer. But you know, sport: so much effort and misplaced testosterone, better off with arts students if you ask me (an embittered, unfit, arts student).

Middle Income Grads Unlikely to Pay Off Student Loan

Student_loans_company_papersA new system for calculating interest on student loans since the increase of tuition fees means that many students will never pay off their student loans.

Depending on your earnings you could be paying £1,980 of loan off every year, but if you factor in interest the debt could be growing by over £2000 per annum.

Our Take: Suck it sporty students, none of us will pay our debts off anyway. Thoroughly depressing state of affairs all round really, even if you're lucky enough to get a job, you'll probably never get away from your student loan.

Aberystwyth Uni President Denies Being A Dictator

aber uniEmyr Jones Parry, president of Aberystwyth has denied claims that his institute is run like a dictatorship, with staff fearing for their jobs at the wrath of managerial bullies.

The University College Union has raised these concerns, but the president has thrown out the accusations, saying he doesn't recognise the claims.

Our Take: Because everyone knows the best way of not looking like a dictator is completely denying that you are a dictator. The university have suspended 11 members of staff and sacked another 13 in the past year, so its hardly surprising there's an uneasy air on campus.

Thai University Puts Hitler On A Superhero Poster

thai uni hitlerKeeping on the theme of dictators, a Thai university has come under criticism this week for putting Hitler on a graduation poster with comic book regulars like Batman and Superman.

The poster was supposed to show the contrast between pulp superheroes and the former Chancellor of Germany, but the message appears to have been lost in translation.

Our Take: It's a weird week for dictators popping up in the news. We'd like to think that this was an honest mistake, and no one involved actually thinks Hitler is a superhero. The University has since apologised, so all that's left is some of the most offensive fan art you'll see outside of the NSFW tag.

Machin's State: On Buying Games

gtaVAs a fan, I'm quite slack when it comes to keeping up with the latest 'video games', the most recent big title that I bought was Far Cry 3 and even that was a good few months after it came out. And, don't tell anyone, it was pre owned. I know, I know, it's terrible and pre owned games are killing the industry. But the fact of the matter is, I'm not interested in paying more than about £25 for a game.

I'd like to play Bioshock Infinite, but that's still in the region of £35 brand new or the new Deadpool game, which is £40 despite distinctly average reviews. So in all likelihood I'll stick to playing Civilsation 3 (~£3.99) or Football Manager 13 (I think I got it on sale for £15) on Steam.

There is one game however, that I will be splashing the cash on, and probably queuing outside of Game at midnight for, GTA V. Growing up in the late nineties/early noughties, GTA has always been a bit of a forbidden fruit, but now I'm old enough to buy (and pay with my own money) the game myself. Rather than borrow it off my cousin or play it at an older friends house.

Rockstar released a five minute game play trailer last week, and it looks like it might be worth booking some holiday time off work just to play the game. It's the first in the series to have three main characters, who you can swap between at will and the game looks incredibly deep with customisations, side-games and a huge map.

I'm a little apprehensive about the multiplayer element, but that's probably optional so not likely to affect my playing of the game too much. You may be able to tell I'm quite looking forward to this release, did anything in the game play trailer stand out to you? Or is there a game you're more excited about this year? One final thing, at somepoint in the game one of the characters is seen trying to flush a human leg down the toilet, incredible.

If you're as excited as I am for the release & simply can't wait to play it then you can get it now.


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