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Sharia-friendly Student Loans, Freshers’ week blues, Ridiculous Internship…

Government to introduce sharia-friendly student loan system

Loans not saving moneyAfter a lengthy review the government has announced that it may offer a sharia law friendly student loan system as early as 2016.

Put simply, it's against Sharia Law to pay interest so the student loans system means a lot of Muslim students cannot apply for student finance and therefore not attend university unless they pay the fees upfront.

Our take: No doubt this will get blown out of proportion by certain papers (and people). It's worth remembering that any student will be able to apply for this new style of loan (regardless of religion) and the repayment conditions will be exactly the same for all.

Unis ignore sexual harassment

Sexual assault at uniA study by the National Union of Students has shown that one in four students have had unwanted sexual advances – and one in three female students has been groped or inappropriately touched.

The president of the NUS, Toni Pearce, said that ‘these stats show that harassment is rife on campus, but still we keep hearing from universities that there is no fear, no intimidation, no problem’, and accuses universities for not doing enough to protect student and punish offenders.

Our take: The figures are pretty shocking. No student should be afraid of going out and having a good time for fear of being assaulted or harassed. Universities have to do more to show that this behaviour will not be tolerated – they need to protect students.

Ghanaian Schools offer Girl Power Lessons

Girl-Power72 state schools in Ghana are taking part in a project pilot to improve education and give girls confidence. Making Ghana’s Girls Great is offering schoolgirls, and those who have already left school, lessons in English, maths and confidence.

The project aims to give girls more options in life through a good education, instead of leaving school early to get married and become a mother.

Our take: In some cultures, girls are left behind – they drop out of school to become a mother, which they may not always want to do. This project wants to encourage girls to have a career and show them that they have choices in life – and there’s nothing wrong with girl power!

Company offers a 6 month 5500 hour internship

Unpaid-internshipAn interior design company has been accused of exploiting students by offering up a six-month internship working 35 hours a week – nearly 5500 hours overall.

The advert was placed on Gumtree but has surprisingly not been taken off. The company has defended itself by saying ‘we all have universal access to 168 hours in the week every year’... and still expects to not pay wages.

Our take: Their response certainly shows that they have missed the point entirely – we may have all of these hours, but we need money to live on! Let alone time to sleep, or other commitments… Internships are offered everywhere and many graduates believe they lead to a job at the end, but they don’t always. Some companies do exploit, yet can’t see the harm in doing so.

Freshers week and homesickness

homesick-studentYay, it’s September – uni is nearly back! For many students, it's already here – you’ve probably already moved in and started to prepare your liver and bank.

Yet there’s another side to moving to uni – and that is you’re actually moving away from home. It’s perfectly normal to be homesick. Our guide will help you enjoy your first few weeks at university and not miss your mum’s cooking so much.

Our take: It’s scary moving to university – but we are here for you! From homesickness, to budgeting, to finding accommodation – we got your back 🙂

Why would you write a book about being a virgin?

student-virginYour first time is something you probably want to forget – not Radhika Sangani, whose debut novel (very fitting) is about being a virgin. It’s called… Virgin.

Radhika says that she was inspired to write the book as she was ‘sick of reading books that didn’t go in to any detail about what it’s like being a woman’. Strange as we thought Fifty Shades was what every woman wanted?

Virgin centres around student Ellie who wants to lose her virginity before graduating. Apparently there is a scene where Ellie tries to break her hymen by ‘vigorously masturbating’ with household objects. How intriguing…

Our take: Not sure we want to relive the horror of the first time, but at least this is a more realistic book about women than… well, anything. Especially Fifty Shades.

Scotland Vote NO

scotty-noUnless you've been hiding under a rock recently you'll have heard about the Scottish vote on independence.

The Scottish public rejected the idea of going it alone and 55% voted no to a break up from the UK.

Our take: You might think that we're sitting on the fence but we didn't take any sides on this one. On the plus side it meant we won't have to update our Scottish tuition fees guide.


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