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Revealed: The unis most likely to get you a good job

The Times have revealed the best university in the UK for graduate prospects – and it’s not Oxford or Cambridge!
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The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide league table has just been released, with the aim of helping students choose the right uni by arming them with various statistics.

The figures provided include overall student satisfaction levels, the number of UCAS entry points required to be accepted there, as well as how likely students are to complete their course at different universities across the country.

Interestingly, they’ve also indicated which university has the highest graduate prospects, or in other words – how likely you are to get a good job when you graduate from that university.

And the most surprising thing about their findings? For once, it seems that neither Oxford nor Cambridge have stolen the number one spot!

In fact, the Times found that St. George’s, University of London produces the most employable students in the whole of the UK, with a whopping 93.4% of their graduates moving on to postgraduate study or landing a 'professional' job after graduation.

However, we'd be keen to know more about what constitutes a 'professional' job to the Times, as the fact that St.George's only offers courses related to medicine probably gives the university an advantage here.

The Times' Top 10

Unemployed-GraduateThe UK universities most likely to help you get a job:

  1. St George’s, University of London (93.4 %)
  2. Imperial College London (91.1 %)
  3. University of Cambridge (89.3 %)
  4. University of Oxford (87.1 %)
  5. University of Birmingham (86.7 %)
  6. King’s College London (85.7 %)
  7. University of Bath (85.2 %)
  8. Durham University (84.4 %)
  9. University of Sussex (84.1 %)
  10. Loughborough University (83.7 %)

Should I let uni tables affect my choice?

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There are obviously a whole load of different factors that determine what your next steps are after uni, as well as the sort of job you fall into and the salary you'll start earning (as a recent study found, even the family you're born into plays a part in this). The university you choose to study at is only one of those factors.

These tables only work as a guideline, and ultimately it's up to you to decide what the most important factors are in determining where you go to uni.

Would you really spend 3+ years studying a subject you don't have much interest in at a uni that you weren't fussed on just because research had shown you were likely to get a job at the end of it?

In fact, another study found that only 66% of students said graduate employment rates were their main concern when choosing a uni, compared with 73% who stated that course content was more important to them.

What would you say is or was the most important factor for deciding which uni to go to? Let us know in the comments below!

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