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Price of Alcohol Set to Rise

It has emerged today that MPs are planning to enforce not only an increase on the minimum price per unit of alcohol but also put a stop to deals such as buy one get one free on beer, wine & spirits etc.

This rise in price is expected to hit the supermarket prices hard with little effect to be seen in pubs and clubs.

Cheap deals on drinks such as beer cans, wine and spirits that are common place in supermarkets and most local shops these days are set to be a thing of the past if the new proposal is accepted!

The plan is that no unit of alcohol can be sold for less than 45p and that drinks offers will be severely cut.

If you are unsure what a unit of alcohol is, it is:

  • Half a pint of standard strength (4%) beer, cider or lager
  • A single measure of spirit (25ml)
  • Half a standard 175ml glass of wine

Prices could soar with 2 litres of cider set to go up but £1.30 and a bottle of vodka from £9 to £11.84.

The aim of the increase in price is said to be to stop irresponsible shops and irresponsible drinkers will be stopped.

We would argue that the price change is unlikely to lower the amount that the general population and students in particular choose to drink. Instead, it will surely hit students where it hurts the most, in the pocket!

It is unlikely that such a rise in prices will make students think about their purchases of alcohol and the size of spirit servings are unlikely to change.

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