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Oxford Grads Richest, Manchester Win Uni Challenge, Unis Drop Entry Grades

Oxford Graduates Dominate Rich List

oxforduniA recent rich list of graduates has revealed that Oxford is the UK university that produces the most super rich alumni. The university has over 400 graduates who are worth more than £20 million, however Cambridge has a higher number of billionaire graduates. Other universities with super rich graduates include Manchester, Birmingham and three London institutions.

Our Take: With news like this, all the bad PR that Oxford has been taking recently seems to fade into the ether. You could always make the argument that these super rich graduates were already super rich before they got to Oxford, but that's probably our sour grapes over anything else.

Manchester Win University Challenge

unichallengeManchester University were triumphant in 2013's University Challenge series, they beat the team from University College London with 190 points to UCL's 140. The win makes it Manchester's fourth in the last seven years.

Our Take: To say we have a slight Manchester bias may be an understatement, but this is a great win for the university and for the city. After the controversial victory in 2009, where Manchester won after Corpus Christi were disqualified. Winning outright and against a team that had already beaten Manchester in the semi finals, is a particularly sweet victory.

UCAS Applications Have Not Bounced Back

Oxford University Degree dayNew figures have revealed that UCAS applications have only risen by 2.5% since 2012 and are still down from the pre tuition fee increase 2010. Potential students are being put off higher education by the increase in fees, and despite assurances that applications would bounce back after an initial dip, this hasn't happened.

Our Take: Is it just us, or is this story repeating itself? Every time new figures are announced it reveals exactly the same thing, increasing tuition fees has put people off higher education and put the UK's universities needlessly risk.

Top Unis Forced To Drop Entry Grades To Fill Courses

dropSome of the top universities have been forced to drop the entry grades on some courses to fill empty places. Students with C's and D's have been accepted when usually only A and B students would have been, it has been said that this style of recruitment is essentially setting some students up to fail.

Our Take: I wonder what could be the cause of this? One guess, the rise in tuition fees. If Russell Group universities are struggling to fill all the courses they offer, the increase in fees has caused a real issue in UK higher education, as if we didn't know that already. It's not fair for anyone to be set up to fail, but if an institution has to fill empty places, can you really blame them for taking on lesser qualified students?


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