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Osborne announces plans for 99p coin!

A little detail from last month's budget went unnoticed but we spotted it buried among the important stuff.osborne 99pDespite going forward with the plans for a brand new £1 coin, the Conservative government and George Osborne have decided to bring forward the plans for a new 99p coin in Great Britain.

The coin, which has still yet to be designed, will reportedly save £millions and allow shoppers to do away with their "shrapnel" and loose change.

Reports have shown that people throw away over £10million worth of 1p coins every single week and almost half of the UK population was shown to be in support of a 99p coin.

One supporter of the announcement, Barry from Weston Super Mare said:

"I'm sick of carrying around these useless coppers in my pocket. Everything these days cost £9.99 or £4.99 so it makes sense for there to be a 99p coin. I just hope they have a nice design lined up".

However, as with many announcements from the Conservative government, there has been a sharp backlash against the slightly brave plans.

Protests have been starting up and down the country and a local newspaper caught up with a rather angry lady called Barbara (Babs for short):

"I think it's an outrage. I love my little 1ps and I collect them in a jar and take them into the bank every year. I'd never throw away money no matter how small it is. Kids these days just have no respect. Back in my day... we'd work a whole day for a penny. Let's not devalue it."

On top of the savings the government also estimate that the burden on jean and trouser pockets will be lessened. Early indications show that a combined 10 million kgs of pennies will be saved from weighing down pockets.

There is no set release date for the 99p coin but it seems to have split public opinion right down the middle.

What are your thoughts on it? What do you think the design should include? Leave your comments below...


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