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NUS “Week of Action” Starts for students

Student walkouts and protests were hosted today in order to take action against the government and demand answers and the truth behind the new student finance system.

Today marked the start of the protests at around 12 noon. The NUS commented that a large number of universities have become involved and will be rallying throughout the rest of the week through a number of schemes from 14th-16th March culminating in lobbying parliament on the 18th.

King's College London, for example, will be holding a teach in whereas Manchester University has asked students to write how much they pay for funding on a cheque and pin it to a money tree.

The NUS have stressed that the main message behind this is "Come Clean." They want to know the true cost of university and Save the Student! is in full support.

Liam Burns said:

"We need a national debate on changes to higher education, and this week we will remind ministers that we are watching what they're doing.

When the government quietly dropped plans for a higher education bill earlier this year, they didn't drop their plans. They simply removed the opportunity for the kind of scrutiny that has been afforded to changes to the NHS.

Students, parents, lecturers and anyone with a stake in education wants to know what the government and our institutions have in store for higher education, and demand that they come clean."

These protests are completely peaceful and are just a sign from students to show the government that they are still watching. It appears as if the government may have to answer many critics in relation to university funding, bursaries and more.

If you wish to find out more, take a look at the NUS website here.



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