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Number of Employed Graduates is Rising

In recent years you will have heard the news concerning the amount of graduate jobs and graduate training schemes available to those fresh out of university.

Although job prospects for the whole of the UK have been poor in recent years it has always had the harshest effect on recent university graduates and young people.

However, according to recent reports, the amount of students who are unemployed have stayed static in correlation to figures from the year before at around 9%.

The figures show that graduates are more accepting of bar and retail jobs with a number of graduates also becoming self-employed in a bid to carve their own destiny.

Other interesting facts show that around a third of graduates are working in London and the South East and that the average salary for current graduates is around £18,000 - £24,000 which is promising.

Experts have argued that although a high number of students are currently in part-time or bar/retail roles, there has still been an increase in the need and want for graduates and many are able to make a start on the career ladder in their intended profession.

Owen Burek from Save the Student said: "For me I think the % of students who are looking to start their own business increasing is a great sign. It's down to students to help build their own economy rather than rely on others and I think the entrepreneurial spirit is great.

Also, I would urge any students that are worried about their job prospects to hang on in there. You may be in a bar/retail job for 6 months or so after graduating but it's better than having no job and businesses are more accepting of these circumstances for graduates these days."

Here at Save the Student we are hopeful that the number of student and graduate jobs continue to rise despite the economic crisis and the pressures of living in the UK at the current time.

This news comes as music to our ears and we hope that next year we will be reporting on a rise in employed graduates with more looking to make a success in their chosen career.

In the meantime, if you are looking for a job then check out our graduate scheme deadlines or part-time job search.



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