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Student News

New Welsh Uni, LSE Students Visit North Korea, Credit Card Companies Charge Hidden Rate.

Inflation at its Highest Since May 2012

increaseThe month of March saw the rate of inflation stay at 2.8%, its highest since last May. Students are feeling the squeeze as the price of newspapers and books continues to rise, the increase has been attributed to the inclusion of eBooks in the calculation of inflation. The rise in the prices of petrol and food have been slightly eased.

Our Take: Looks like we're going back to the library for dog eared books that people have written notes in, a real shame for those of us who like to actually own the texts. At least the cost of food has only marginally increased though, but it's still tough out there.

New Welsh University Opens

university of south walesGlamorgan and Newport universities have merged to become the University of South Wales. The new metropolitan university is expected to have up to 33000 students, the sixth largest institution in the country. The university is going to be spread across 5 campuses, including Cardiff and the Valleys.

Our Take: This seems like great news, especially if the local economy of South Wales is boosted by all the new students. With mergers you might expect some to lose their jobs, but according to the Vice Chancellor Julie Lyndon, there will be no compulsory redundancies, a win!

Credit Card Holders Hit by Hidden Rates

creditcardsA consumer survey has found that many credit card companies are charging higher rates than advertised because of secret 'risk base' pricing rates. APR is thought to be up 9% higher than many of the big banks like Halifax, Barclaycard and NatWest, which all use the controversial rates. You can check out our guide on student credit cards here.

Our Take: Banks acting greedily at the expense of the consumer? Stop me if you've heard this one before. Keeping an eye on your finances is incredibly important, make sure you're not being ripped off.

London Metropolitan Launches Survival Plan

london met uniThe struggling London Metropolitan University has announced its strategy to save the institution. Last week we reported that the university was given its license to accept foreign students back, but there are fears that its brand has been too badly damaged to make a serious recovery.

Our Take: Obviously we want all the best for the university. It's clearly been badly managed in the past, and suffered large cuts in the number of staff they have, but perhaps it can enter a new stage of life, start to grow and regain its reputation

BBC Under Fire After LSE Students Visit North Korea

kim jongStudents at the London School of Economics who travelled to North Korea as part of the BBC's Panorama program, have made complaints to the director of the university, after they have received threats since returning to the UK. Journalist John Sweeney used an academic trip to secretly film the country.

Our Take: When the BBC is under more pressure than ever, can it really afford any more controversies? Not informing the students of the risk they were being put under is simply unacceptable, especially for one of the worlds leading broadcasters. With the threat of war with North Korea on the horizon, is this really what the country needs right now?


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