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New Plastic Bag Charge, Grant Scrap Puts Off Students, Poor Students Targetted…

1 in 5 students won’t go to uni with grant scrap

Grants and bursariesA survey by The Student Room has found that one fifth of students have decided they will not go to university when the grant is scrapped, saying it will make uni too expensive and they worry about the rising debt.

19% of students who responded say they now simply cannot afford to go to uni, whilst 51% of students say they will ‘seriously consider’ if they will go.

Our take: This is only one small survey, but it’s still worrying. Yes, grants will be scrapped from 2016 – but the maintenance loan will be significantly increased meaning the system will be fairer for most. It is more debt, but it is not like a car loan or a mortgage – it will only be repaid when you earn over £21k and will be written off after 30 years. You can read our guide to student finance for more info. Please do not let it put you off going to uni!

Unis will encourage poorer students to attend

Poor-Student-RecruitmentUniversities have agreed to spend £750m on encouraging students from poorer backgrounds to attend unis. The money will be spent on fee waivers, bursaries and outreach programmes.

It is hoped that this will help the government achieve their aim of doubling the amount of disadvantaged students going to uni.

Our take: It’s a bold, ambitious plan – helping poorer students go to university! Never thought we’d see the day. Okay, really, it’s a good thing but a no-brainer, isn’t it? No one should be shut out of higher education. If you’re at uni now/will be going, you may be eligible for a bursary. Yay money!

International students must leave after graduation

internationalstudentThe Home Office have announced that international students who come to the UK to study will not be allowed to work, and will be forced to leave after their degree ends. If they want to apply for a work visa, they will still have to leave first.

The Home Office hopes that this will reduce the amount of fake students, who enter on a student visa but really come to work.

Our take: This should cut down on those sneaky fake students but it may also encourage real students to attend uni elsewhere. It’s a bit of a double-edged sword, there are many international students who come to the UK to study as *some* of our unis are awesome. Then again, other countries have equally awesome unis. Do we really want to chase away students?

Shops to charge 5p a carrier bag

plastic-bagFrom October, retailers in England will have to charge at least 5p per carrier bag. This will include when you get your groceries delivered or by click and collect.

Small businesses don’t have to charge a fee, but they can still choose to.

Our take: Time to stock up on the old bags for life – they will soon save you a small fortune, plus it’s good for the environment. How will this work with grocery deliveries though? Anyone who’s had a delivery knows how notorious the bag packers are for putting one item in each bag…

Eton acceptance email sent by mistake

etonSo awks. The famously posh and exclusive Eton College sent an email to 400 families offering their child a conditional offer – but it was only meant for 9 of them.

Apparently the mistake was spotted almost immediately and the unlucky families were contacted, but they must be gutted getting an email saying ‘Your child is in!...Oh. Wait. No. Soz.’

Our take: Must be awful to be told you’re accepted someone and then have it taken away like that. They should cheer themselves up with AN AWESOME MEAT DEAL (sorry not sorry for the cheeky plug).


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