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Student News

New NUS leader Liam Burns is elected

On the 13th April 2011 the new student president was elected. Liam Burns was a candidate that is looking to confront the issue of rising tuition fees with more occupations and sit ins around the country.

It was almost a landslide victory for the new student leader, Liam Burns, as he gained a total of 60% of the votes. In second was was the further education vice-president Shane Chowen who was backed by former NUS president, Aaron Porter.

This could be seen as a poisoned chalice for Shane Chowen as Aaron Porter was an unpopular figure due to his apparent lack of action against the rise in tuition fees. The radical activist, Mark Begfield came in third.

The new NUS president has stated that he plans to organise further peaceful and direct action protests and that the unions should use more of their power to fight the cuts. The question is, how far does Mr. Burns plan to go? He said he is looking for the backing of students all around the country to help him in fighting the cause.

Liam Burns will take on his role as the president of the NUS on July 1 when Aaron Porter steps down.


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