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New £1 coin temporarily recalled due to teething problems

The new £1 coin is being recalled after just 4 days in circulation, as hundreds of businesses across the UK struggle to deal with coin-induced mayhem.
new one pound coinThe new 12-sided one pound coin has just unexpectedly been recalled due to major initial teething problems.

It transpires that not is the distinctive new coin incompatible with vending machines and shopping trollies across the country, but they're causing damage to the machinery too.

It's thought that 1.3 million supermarket trolleys have been affected, prompting the government to issue a temporary recall of the new coin.

Chancellor Phillip Hammond has said it's still undecided if the 12-sided coins will simply be recalled and shaved back down into round pounds again, or if they'll be abandoned altogether.

The recall has caused much controversy after it was revealed that the coins contain expensive state-of-the-art security features, such as hidden material inside that can be traced and verified by coin machines (that it fits into) and a winking hologram image of the Queen's head.

However, said security material is also being investigated following allegations that it contains traces of human bones in it.

What the experts are saying

£1 coin recalledThe Royal Mint, who originally dubbed the coin, the "most secure coin in the world" are now calling it the "most impractical coin ever made".

The Chancellor has allegedly said:

Whilst we're disappointed that the new £1 coin has faced some initial teething problems, we're quite certain that with a few tweaks here and there, our vending machines will be back to full working order.

In fact, I have been given word that the new coin is so advanced that we're likely to see it imminently increase in value. Experts say the same coin will be a £100 coin in a few years' time - that's why they're selling for so much on eBay.

This time last year, Chancellor George Osborne also announced he was planning to introduce a 99p coin, but the plans never materialised... because we made it up!


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