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Music and revision. A story of success?

There are numerous revision aids that give us  advice on how to revise effectively. But why should we avoid the obvious and buy some tacky book that will end up under our bed?

For many, music is the best aid available during nail biting revision sessions. A lot of people turn to music because it helps us keep focus and think clearly about the thoughts "Professor Bloggs" tried to install into our minds.

A lot of students have actually said that listening to music during revision sessions helped to boost their grades. And others say they work better with some chemistry around them.

Revising in silence may offer a sense of boredom and allow the mind to wonder. However, with some actuality, your mind may be able to think freely and concentrate on the task in hand.

I remember when I used to have countless post-it notes stuck on walls. Just wondering where to start during revision was a task in itself. But it's quite interesting what happens when you decided to turn on your favourite music playlist. A sudden urge of motivation develops. But why?

This could be down to a few things, such as enjoyment through music, or simply because the dead air silence is wiped. Our favourite music  can trigger elements of our brain that offer a 'feel good' mood. This is understood to be down to "optimum level of arousal". Which simply means the point at which we're most productive and focused. In some cases this means we are working at our best.

It was suggested that people classed as introverts (a scientific meaning judged by your optimum level) worked best without music. Whilst extroverts worked better with music.  This is why many feel that music is they key to revision success. It keeps thoughts active, whilst at the same time, aiding your brain to devour revision notes in short, yet achievable chunks.

So, why not give music a try? And see if it really can, give you the boost you need.

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We know that everyone's music tastes vary but the Guardian have come up with a quick revision playlist for students.

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