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Student News

More Grad Jobs, Birmingham Uni Relents On Staff Cuts, Uni Treated Like Part-Time Job

Birmingham University Relents On Staff Cuts

birmingham universityA student protest has proved effective at stopping a series of cuts to the university's support staff budget. The group were threatening to derail the institution's open days at the end of June with a promise of demonstration if their demands were not met.

Our Take: A victory for students, we don't get to write about this very often at all. It is simply not right that a University can cut low paid workers and keep paying its management huge amounts, Birmingham's David Eastwood is the country's second highest paid Vice Chancellor.

Grad Job Opportunities Rise but Salaries Freeze

increaseA research firm has predicted that there will be 8% more graduate jobs available this year than there was in the previous year. However it isn't all good news as firms are planning to freeze their graduate salaries at the same level. It means that while graduates will have jobs, their pay will be behind the rise in inflation

Our Take: We suppose that it'd just be too much good news for more job opportunities AND have the pay keep in line with inflation. News like this makes you wonder are companies hiding behind the economy to justify keeping wages low or are they really struggling.

University Is Like A Part Time Job

jobsA University watchdog has warned that many students do not find their course gives good value for money, and treat it more like a part time job than full time employment. Despite a meteoric rise in tuition fees in recent years, the research has found that students only receive 20 minutes of extra teaching every week.

Our Take: It's understandable that the rise in fees would make people feel they were getting less value for money. You'd be upset with the price of anything being nine times more expensive than it was 6 years ago. It's hardly surprising that there's a real lack of engagement with students if they don't feel they're getting what they've paid for.

Fashion Magazine Vogue Opens Its First College

vogueIn a new take on higher education, the fashion publisher Vogue has opened a college in London. The Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design opened its doors this week to students for a 10 week course entitled Vogue Fashion.

Our Take: Well I suppose this is a new way to raise some money for our struggling institutions, lets start sponsoring all our courses. We can't wait to study Environmental Disaster Management sponsored by BP (burn on 2010 current issues) or Ethical Banking sponsored by... err... all of them?


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