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Min. wage increase, US target UK students, Durham students happiest, Freshers’ fallout…

All the fun of Freshers... is actually quite sexist

Freshers' week is over and proper term has begun, but that doesn't mean that effects of misogyny aren't being felt. Across campuses throughout the UK, young women have complained of unwanted sexual advances and objectification.

This is not to say that students shouldn't have fun during this once in a lifetime week but it appears as if there are a small minority that continue to give it a bad name!

Our take: We're not prudes of part poopers here at STS but we're all very familiar with theme nights like 'Pimps and Hoes' and 'Geeks and Sluts' reinforcing negative stereotypes and objectifying women, which simply isn't the culture that should be encouraged for students. And don't even get us started on 'Blurred Lines', deeply troubling despite being by far the best piece of pop music in 2013.

Durham University has best quality of life

University Of DurhamAccording to a new report, students at Durham University have the best quality of life compared to 90 other institutions in the UK.

Students at the Russell group university consider their social life as one of the best in country but also have a huge 92% graduate employee ratio.

Our take: Well done Durham! There are so many surveys about higher education going round, and to come top of any one of them is impressive. However, the figures don't lie, if you want a good time and a job, Durham seems the place to be!

Minimum Wage Increases

Businessman Throwing his Money AroundThe minimum wage has increased by 12 pence to £6.31 per hour.

Most students with casual or part time jobs will see a slight pay rise with this increase. However, industry experts are claiming that this rise isn't steep enough and that matched with the rate of inflation, the minimum wage is actually falling.

Our take: It's still an increase right? Minimum wage is the best that some people can hope for during term time, or even post university. An increase of twelve pence might not seem much, but it could make all the difference to somebodies life.

US Universities Targeting UK Students

Banks want youA record number of American higher education institutes are targeting UK students with ad campaigns, in an attempt to attract UK students to the states.

The number of students interested in overseas education has increased rapidly since the government raised tuition fees, and colleges (as they call them in the US) are looking to take advantage of this interest.

Our take: Obviously we're all about supporting British higher education, but the US does start to look tempting. They clearly want British students, and if they're offering better education or a specialist course you can't get in the UK, why not consider moving abroad? Plus if you're interested we've written about uni life in America.

State of the Machin: On Fleetwood Mac

fleetwoodmacI'm writing this on the comedown of one of the best gigs I've ever seen.

Before lunchtime on Tuesday I only had a hint of an idea that I wanted to go get tickets for Fleetwood Mac at the MEN in Manchester (yes the MEN, I refuse to call it the Phones4U arena).

However, thanks to @Twickets (more info on them here) I managed not only to get a ticket, but get a VIP meet and greet ticket with Mick Fleetwood, including a trip onto the MEN stage and a seat six rows back right in front of Lindsey Buckingham (all for face value).

All in all, a result. Lindsey Buckingham is easily the second best guitarist I've seen perform in the flesh (Nels Cline (Wilco), LB, Eric Clapton, Guys from Iron Maiden, for those of you who are curious). And the songs are incredible. If you haven't got a copy of Rumours and/or Tusk, go out and get them first thing tomorrow. You really won't regret it.

Crap pop music is fairly easy to achieve, just have a look at the charts for proof of that, although recent comments about the crapness of Muse and Green Day by the Radio One controller are accurate, if overlooking the general crapness of everyone else aswell.

But real perfection is rare (Rihanna's Stay for example, just to prove I'm not an old fuddy duddy). Fleetwood Mac are second only to ABBA in achieving pop perfection, effortlessly combining lust, heartache, confusion and down right misery.

I've been too far too many overpriced gigs in my time, but Fleetwood Mac (the most expensive gig I've been to) won't be one of the ones I regret. A truly great band, the likes of which we'll be lucky to see ever again.

Why not let me know the best gig you've been too? Or alternatively a gig/concert that you felt you spent too much on...


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