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London Olympics 2012 tickets go on sale

If you weren't aware that England are hosting the Olympics in 2012 then where have you been?  Way back in 2005 London won the right to host the 2012 Olympics and the games are fast approaching.

There has been a lot of hub bub in the lead up to the event with the planned reworking of the London transport system and the somewhat thought provoking logo that attempted to be 'down with the kids.' So, with all this in mind and whether you like sport or not the London Olympics in 2012 will hold significance to most of us.

The 2012 Olympics tickets went on sale today (15 March 2011) and will be on sale until 26 April 2011. The great thing is that applications are open to all residents of the United Kingdom and Europe. The only stringent condition is that you have a VISA card to carry out the transaction. Also, the ticket system for the London 2012 Olympics is fair ground for all so if an event is over filled a ballot will decide the lucky few to get tickets.

You are probably wondering what the cost is by now. Tickets will set you back anything from a score to two bags of sand, which to you and me is £20 - £2,012 (cockney rhyming slang). If you are looking to grab a slice of the action for free then the marathon and street cycling events are completely free.

So, although there are not student tickets available there are a lot of ways to save money. Obviously don't go for the biggest events and make sure you book your travel early.

With 500 days until the London Olympics 2012 is set to start, it's time to apply for your tickets. Good luck in your applications.


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