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Student News

London Met Regains Foreign Student License, Students Given Puppies, NUS President Elected.

London Met Uni Regains Foreign Student License

london met uniLondon Met University has been re-granted permission by the Home Office to teach non EU students. The institution had its license revoked after being caught up in a visa scandal last year.

The university is on a twelve month probation period to prove it can properly monitor students' immigration status and attendance.

Our Take: This is good news for any foreign students who had their hearts set on going to London Met. However according to the report that caused the university to lose its license in the first place, a number of international students at the university, did not attend lectures or have a strong standard of English. Makes you wonder how the university could be so badly managed to let that culture take hold in the first place.

Toni Pearce elected as NUS President

toniCurrent NUS Vice President for further education Toni Pearce has been elected to take over the union in the summer.

She promises to bring further education, such as colleges or apprenticeships into the the agenda. Toni won with a huge 57.8% of the vote, with the left wing Vicki Baars coming in second with 28.7%.

Our Take: We're a little disappointed that our candidate, the inanimate carbon rod withdrew from the running late on, but then again the job is probably best off going to an actual human. Good luck to Toni, and while it is admirable to campaign for Further Education, there's a lot of issues in Higher Education that need attention as well.

Lad Culture Under Fire at NUS Conference

bantersaurus rexThe outgoing president of the NUS has called time on the rise of 'lad culture' at our universities.

The Union believes that people are using the mask of 'banter' to excuse sexual harassment, misogyny and homophobia on our campuses.

Our Take: Clearly the issue here is context and how sensitive people are to the 'humour' and how it affects the people around them. Our main problem with the vast majority of the 'banter' on offer is that it just isn't funny. One more thing, is this really the biggest issue facing the NUS at the moment? Surely we could be doing more about poorly run institutions, high tuition fees, graduates struggling to find jobs, low course satisfaction....

Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Dies

margret thatcherThe 'Iron Lady' Margaret Thatcher has died from a stroke this week aged 87. The conservative politician was a divisive figure when she was in power from 1979 to 1990. When the news was broken to the NUS conference this week, a section of the audience broke out into a cheer.

Our Take: The death of the former Prime Minister has caused a huge storm of opinions and arguments in the media and online this week. We don't really want to add to this, but in reality an 87 year old woman, whose politics you may not have agreed with has died. Surely all the anger out there can be directed towards making something more positive in the politics of today?

Students given 'Puppy Room' During Exam Period

puppyStudents at the University of Aberdeen will be able to take a break from their hard work during the exam period in a special room full of puppies.

The university is working with a guide dog charity after students gave an overwhelmingly positive response to the initiative.

Our Take: Well this sounds cute, and is a welcome break from all the misdirected anger and confusion this week. Why is it just Aberdeen that's trailblazing with this plan? If the Inanimate Carbon Rod had been NUS president I'm sure we'd have got a puppy room in every campus library across the UK.


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