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Loan Repayment Changes?, TV Licence Refund, Unemployment Record…

Loan repayments may get tougher

Loans not saving moneyWe’re going to raise tuition fees, they said. It’s cool, bro, they said – you won’t repay your loans until you own at least £21k and it’ll be written off after 30 years.

Well, now the government has realised that lending more money could lead to more unpaid debts. The solution? Keeping the tuition fees at £9k (of course…) but now, the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) have warned that either the repayment threshold should be lowered, or the cut-off period should be abolished. Thanks, guys!

Our take: It’s shocking, isn’t it? Raising the fees wasn’t such a smart idea! If students were already struggling to completely repay their loans under the old system (£3k a year fees, repaying when you earn more than £15k) then why would tripling the fees work? The students graduating this year will be coming out of university with more debt than their predecessors – how is it fair to expect these students to pay for their loan over a longer period of time, or whilst earning less money? Why should we pay for the government’s mistake? Not to mention we realised this problem in 2012 and it's taken the government 3 years to catch up.

Youth unemployment lowest in 10 years

Unemployed-GraduateThe Office of National Statistics have announced that the number of young whippersnappers who are not in education, employment or training is the lowest it has been in 10 years.

One in eight young people are still ‘neet’ (a shorter way of saying they aren’t employed, in training or in education). This is expected to decrease next year, as the age you stay in education or training is rising to 17.

Our take: The upcoming generation (yeah, okay, we are only a few years older than them but shhh, let us impart our wisdom) should hopefully be better educated and with better job opportunities – which is great news for the economy. The question is, however, are there going to be enough jobs for them? We hope so, and we have some tips on getting a job here. Wisdom comes in handy!

Can you get a TV licence refund?

TV Licence RefundDo you own a TV licence at your uni accommodation? Is no one there during the summer? If so, good news everyone! You can get a partial refund on your TV licence!

More information is available here, you could be entitled to £36 back which isn’t to be sniffed at. The only question is… do you share the money with your housemates?

Our take: It makes sense. You aren’t using it, so you should get a refund. If only other things worked like that! If you don’t watch live TV at all, you don’t need a licence. Interested? We have compared the top streaming sites here for you!

Students petition against public exam results

Exam CheatingUniversity of Cambridge students have started a petition to stop their exam results being made public.

Currently, grades are emailed to a student before they are published on a noticeboard and in university publications. Over 1000 students have signed the petition so far, they want an ‘opt out’ system for students who want privacy.

Our take: You’ve probably been there. Getting the results back from an exam and being disappointed – and embarrassingly telling someone what you got when they ask. At least in this incident, you could lie or just not tell them. Not letting the students have a say isn’t very fair. If you don’t want people to know your results, you shouldn’t have to tell them. At the end of the day, it isn’t a competition – it’s your education.

55K people watch Azeem’s flute recital

azeem-fluteIt was the event of the year. Where were you?

If you have no idea what we are on about, Azeem is a student at the University of California. His Facebook event inviting people to his senior flute recital went global (mainly in Britain) and over 100,000 people said they were attending.

His recital was on Saturday the 16th, and more than 55,000 Brits (mainly students) streamed the event live. What’s next for Azeem? He’s still deciding, however we suggest a flute dual with Ron Burgundy.

Our take: We have no idea how on earth the event got so popular, but the fact that it’s exam/essay season and students want to procrastinate could have helped… Azeem was actually really good, but then again we don’t know how good a flautist sounds…


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