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Student News

Student Protests, Xmas Jobs, Lecturer Strikes, £2k/m for Construction Site…

Students protest uni fees... again

STS-protestsStudents are protesting this week on campuses around England, wanting the government to abolish university fees.

Toni Pearce, the president of the NUS, said that ‘politicians would be stupid to ignore them [students]’ – the NUS has previously called for the fees to be scrapped. Will they, or won’t they? We can hope and dream…

Our take: No one really likes the idea of paying for uni fees – especially now that they have tripled. As you may know we've been campaigning against the fees from the start ourselves (we even held the largest online petition against them). It would have been nice of the NUS to get in touch with us so that we could work together 😉


Lecturers strike over pensions

Lecturer-PensionsThere will be a boycott on the 6th November at 69 institutions across England, as lecturers strike over a row on their pensions. Lecturers will be holding a marking boycott – so students will be unable to sit exams, be set coursework or receive marks.

Members who have a pension held under the Universities Superannuation Scheme are set to lose thousands of pounds when they retire, as members will be moved from a final salary scheme to an average salary scheme.

Our take: We’re not surprised that they aren’t happy – people pay in to their pensions to ensure a secure retirement without money fears. Boycotts and strikes are the last resort to make yourself heard – and we hope that those in charge listen. Also, no exams or coursework... wahoo!

32,000 Christmas jobs created

Christmas-JobIt’s nearly Christmas! Got loads to buy but no money? Join the club.

Good news, though! 32,000 jobs have been created for the Christmas rush by the Royal Mail and Amazon. Other retailers will be looking for staff soon as the big day approaches, so keep your eyes peeled and apply early.

Our take: Christmas temp jobs are great for students to fill the void between terms and for extra money. Check out our job search for other vacancies, and our guide on writing an awesome CV.

Students paying £2K to live on building site

Contruction-siteYou thought your accommodation was bad? Poor souls in London are paying up to £2252 a month and being forced to live on a construction site after their new halls weren’t finished on time.

Students living at Pure City’s accommodation (if you can even call it that…) in Clerkenwell have unfinished rooms, exposed wires and rodents – combined with construction debris outside.

It’s not exactly high-class living or a nice place to study or have friends over. Some students have left and others are demanding compensation, which really is no surprise.

Our take: The situation really is shocking. Why weren’t the students moved to another site, or at the very least given reduced rent? It’s a given that many companies care more about the money than the students but this really does take the biscuit!

Debt campaigners buy off student loans

debt-goneYou think we have it bad – American students finish university (or ‘college’) with tremendous amounts of debt. Some lucky students from Everest Colleges had their debt bought by Rolling Jubilee, who have bought and abolished £2.35m of debt which was owed by 2,700 students.

Rolling Jubilee want to “liberate debtors”, especially those who really struggle to repay the debt.

Our take: Big up to Rolling Jubilee! Debt comes in all different shapes and sizes; in America the cost of further education is ridiculous – so count your blessings! Still, if you are struggling with any kind of debt – there is help out there.


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