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Late surge in University Applicants

UCAS have reported that there has been a large late surge in the applications for University for 2012.

There have been many worries this year, most notably when UCAS reported that there was a 9% decrease in university applicants. Most students are aware that this drop in applications was due to the rising in tuition fees to a maximum of £9,000 a year.

Here at Save the Student! we strongly opposed the fees increase and hosted the largest petition against tuition fees back in 2010, which Ed Miliband famously signed. However, we became aware that there were a number of students and parents that were not entirely sure about the facts involved with the new Student Finance system.

Save the Student! released two guides that were the big fat guide to student finance 2012 and the myths about tuition fees 2012. Both of them aimed to educate prospective students about the money issues involved with the new fees in 2012.

It appears as if guides such as the ones included on this site and others such as MoneySavingExpert have lead to more students feeling confident that they can afford university.

With the applications for Universities closing this Sunday 15th January, there has been a very late surge in applicants wanting to go to university in 2012.

UCAS have reported that the applications are down by 6.4% now which is better than before but still an alarming 22,000 less than at this point last year.

It will be interesting to see what the final outcome is on Sunday as more and more students apply. Stay tuned to Save the Student! where we will be writing a report on the final application statistics at some point next week.



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