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Labour pledge to cap tuition fees at £6,000

As most students know, the tuition fees in 2012 will be rising to a maximum of £9,000 at most universities. The law that was famously passed by the conservative and lib dem government is one that labour had voted against.

It would appear as if students would have less of a debt when leaving university but it would be funded by students earning over £65,000 a year having higher interest on their loans.

However, many have called Ed Milliband purely cynical and that he is using this as an attempt to sway the vote towards Labour. Liam Burns the NUS president has stated that Mr. Milliband has previously said that any rise in fees was unacceptable and now he appears to be accepting that they double to £6,000.

Liam Burns has also said however that he agrees with Labour's long term goal of introducing a more fairer graduate tax.

In summary it is unsure as to whether this policy will be included in the manifesto in 3 years time but one thing is clear. Ed Milliband would cap the fees at £6,000 if he was in power at this current moment in time. Whether cynical or not it would surely be more beneficial to students than shelling out £9,000 a year at most universities.


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