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KCL Has Highest Crime Rate, More Grad Jobs, Medieval Students Were Poor…

King’s College London tops crime hotspot list

crime sceneThe Complete University Guide have compiled a list of crime rates for almost 130 universities in England. They have ranked each uni based on the rate of crime within three miles of each uni’s main campus.

They found that people living near King’s College London (that includes not just students) are the most likely to be a victim of crime than anywhere else in England. The crime rate for KCL is 47.65 per 1000 residents, compared to the safest uni of Buckingham where the rate of crime is just 8.56 per 1000 residents.

For each region, the robbery rate was below 1 per 1000 except in the West Midlands (1.07) and London (2.59) meaning you are still more likely to be robbed of your milk by your housemate.

Our take: There isn’t data on how many students are a victim of crime at uni, which could influence a prospective student’s choice of uni. However, this guide is helpful to everybody living near a uni as it gives clear facts and numbers. The question is – what will be done about the areas of high crime?

Higher wages and more jobs for graduates

job applicationA survey by the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) has found that more employers are hiring graduates. 13.2% more graduate vacancies were offered this year compared to 2014.

As well as more jobs, the survey has also revealed that the average starting salary is now £28000, a rise of £1000.

Our take:  Graduate schemes, as the name suggests, are exclusively for graduates. There can be some tough competition, but the jobs are usually well-paid and can lead to rewarding careers. It’s also great news for recent graduates as it shows that employees still value a degree. Check out our list of graduate employers here for inspiration!

Unis condemned for poor teaching

cats are sillyThe University Minister Jo Johnston (yes, that’s Boris’ brother) has warned that too many universities care more about research than they do about actually teaching students – you know, because students are there to learn and what not.

Mr Johnson, speaking at a Universities UK conference, said that with the rise in tuition fees, students should know what to expect from their university in advance to avoid going to a shoddy uni.

Our take: We have to agree with the man – students pay some pretty hefty fees and they deserve to get a good education out of it. Research is helpful, yes, but so is actually teaching your students! As part of our Student Money Survey, we asked students if uni was worth it – just 45% said yes. Teaching needs to be improved to provide value for money and to help students get a good education and a career. It’s what they’re paid for!

New Co-Op frozen meal deal

co opIt’s my favourite time of the month – Co-Op have a new frozen meal deal out to feed hungry tummies and fill your freezers.

This month you can get chicken dippers, vegetable fingers, fish fingers, potato waffles, an artic roll and peas (because veg makes it healthy) all for £5. Bargain!

Our take: This is an AWESOME deal that is so cheap and yummy (but admittedly not healthy), and great to keep in the freezer for quick meals.

Skint students not a new phenomenon

poor studentHistorical letters have been unearthed, showing that students have been playing the poor card to their parents since the Middle Ages.

In one letter from 1220 the student wrote home complaining of a lack of food and wine. The only difference is that students nowadays don’t really write letters or admit their drinking habits to their folks…

Our take: Strange how in 800 years nothing has changed! In our Student Money Survey (sorry not sorry for another plug), 71% of students said that they rely on their parents financially.


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