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Internships favour rich, Xmas Adverts Begin, Hip-Hop Cures Depression…

Third of interns work for nothing

unpaid-internshipsWith a really tough job market, many graduates feel that an internship will help them get on to the career ladder. Analysis by the Sutton Trust reveals just how much internships can cost, as well as fears that graduates simply cannot afford to work for nothing.

Taking a six moth internship in London costs more than £5500, excluding transport. That’s a lot of money for anyone. The Sutton Trust have called for all internships lasting over a month to be paid at least the national minimum wage – that’s not much to ask, is it?

Our take: Surely all internships should be paid? How many people do you know that could afford to work for nothing? Graduates often think that an internship is the only way get into the career of their choice – but there are other options. Some employers have a graduate scheme dedicated to helping graduates get their dream job. Check out our list of employers here.

Battle of the Xmas adverts begins

It's been a week or so since John Lewis released their tear jerking Christmas advert (if you haven't seen it then go here) and very few felt that it could be topped.

Well, it turns out that a whole host of UK companies are starting to throw their hat into the ring too. The most notable advert over the last few days has to be from the supermarket giant Sainsbury's. You can watch their ad above.

Our take: We hate to push adverts in your face but we're suckers for a little bit of light entertainment, whether it's an advert or not. It's important to remember however that you shouldn't let these adverts sway your decision making when it comes to Christmas shopping.

Payday loan repayments capped

Payday loans regulationSo even though payday loans ARE NOT WORTH IT AT ALL, the Financial Conduct Authority have announced that the amount borrowers repay will be capped – so they can only repay up to double the amount they originally borrowed. Yeah, really – double.

Does a payday loan still sound like a good idea?

Our take: Everyone knows that payday loans are bad (we HATE them). If you are struggling with your finances there is help out there so you don’t have to resort to a short term loan. It’s no wonder people are getting in to debt if the repayments are that high – paying back double is simply ridiculous. Hopefully a cap on repayments will help some people, but a 100% cap is shocking and should be lowered to prevent people getting in to further difficulties.

Primary school kids to join saving schemes

Primary-School-SavingNothing like starting them off young – primary school children will be able to save small amounts of money in an effort to prevent debt later on in life.

The Church of England has proposed the scheme, which would be run by credit unions. Parents and staff could also take advantage of the saving club and have a goal to save a certain amount for school trips. There will also be lessons on managing money and risk for the children.

Our take: Money really does make the world go round – so why shouldn’t we teach the next generation about the concept of money? It’s a great idea, and it may even stop children wanting ALL THE TOYS for Christmas. Let's just hope the CofE separate their religious beliefs from the scheme.

South Korea grounds planes during exams

South-Korea-ExamNo ‘I couldn’t concentrate, it was so noisy!’ excuses for South Korean students – planes were grounded and the army could not carry out artillery drills so students could take their exams in silence.

Vehicles were also banned from roads that were within 200 yards of test centres. The police were also available to escort any student who was late. How’s that for dedication?

Our take: At least South Korea takes the future of students seriously, but maybe a little too seriously… all we want to know is what happens if someone sneezed during the exam?

Hip-Hop can help depression

Hip-hop-depressionResearchers at Cambridge University have launched Hip-Hop Psych which they hope will help combat depression and the stigma of mental health.

Co-founder Dr Sule believes that hip-hop artists use their skills to escape from the world and express themselves, and therefore could be beneficial to sufferers of mental health. Or just listen to ‘I Like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie’ for an instant pick-me-up.

Our take: The founders of Hip-Hop Psych hope to work in prisons, hostels and schools – hopefully that includes universities, as a hip-hop writing workshop could be really beneficial to students, ya dig???

And, there's all the biggest news without a single mention of Kim Kardashian 😉 Oh, and Dapper Laughs (whoever that is) is apparently no more!

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