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International Students Unwelcome, Fairground Girl Gets 1st From Cambridge

International Students Feel Unwelcome

International Student FinanceA survey has found that many international students at our Universities feel alone and isolated. According to the research at most UK universities 40% of international students spend most of their time with people from the same country as them.

Our Take: Thoroughly depressing news to start off with. You'd like to think that the country is welcoming to foreign students, but the survey also found that many feel the government's migration policy is opposite of that. Shocking state of affairs.

Sponsor A Scholar Fraud Pleads Guilty

mark lancasterMark Lancaster has admitted to using the fake website Sponsor a Scholar to trick female students into having sex with him on the promise of £15000 in tuition fees. The website claimed to have people ready to pay, in return for doing the deed, but Lancaster now claims there were never any sponsors or money.

Our Take: It's a pretty sad world that we're living in where this is a thing. Obviously women are free to do whatever they want with their bodies, we're not going to judge on that, in fact in our survey 1 in 4 of you said you would consider selling your body for medical trials or for the entertainment industry. But no one should feel so desperate to pay for their education that they have to turn to what is basically prostitution.

Travelling Fairground Girl Gets 1st From Cambridge

fairgroundA young woman who grew up in a travelling fairground and never completed a full school year has graduated from Cambridge with a First Class degree. Zoah Hedges-Stocks studied History at Murray Edwards College, a world away from spending summer selling toffee apples and candy floss as she did in her childhood.

Our Take: Who said that Oxbridge Universities weren't inclusive enough, I think we drop that one for good (or not). And for once it's not just tuition fees that are a complete circus. Bah Dum Tish!

Cambridge Party Replaces Jelly Wrestlers With Penis

jelly fightingAs we covered a few weeks ago, the Wyvern's drinking society end of exams party dropped it's traditional jelly wrestlers after pressure from various feminist groups. Instead of girls wrestling in jelly while wearing bikini's, guests were invited ride a giant bucking penis.

Our Take: Well that's one way to combat criticism. Bikini wrestling may be objectifying, misogynistic and sexist, in our books a giant bucking penis is pretty funny.


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