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Uni Halls Compensation, Life on Mars?, Student Lives in Tent…

Bristol students refunded over poor accommodation

bad-accommodationStudents living in Hiatt Baker Halls have received partial refunds for having to live in unfinished accommodation, which included the possibility of builders entering rooms without permission.

Students have been offered refunds of between £50-£300; whereas in previous years – as work was being carried out then too – students were offered refunds of up to £700.

Our take: Considering the fact that students paid over £5k to live in the halls, this refund is pretty pitiful. No one wants to put up with noisy construction when you’re nursing a hangover – er, studying… If you’re not happy about your uni halls, or anything else uni related, you can complain and maybe get compensation too. More info here if you’re interested.

Cash refunds for delayed trains

train-refundEver had a train delayed by more than 30 minutes? Chances are, you have – and you probably know that you can claim part/all of the money back in train vouchers.

Everyone knows vouchers are a terrible gift – cash is awesome! Well, now the train people agree and you can now get a cash refund on late trains instead.

Our take: Applying for a refund is easy, just grab a form at the train station. Don’t know how to complain effectively? We have some awesome tips here.

Comedian charged for making it rain cash on Blatter

Blatter-MoneyYou may have seen it – prankster and comedian Lee Nelson (aka Simon Brodkin) gatecrashed a press conference hosted by FIFA President Sepp Blatter and threw fake money over him as a ‘bribe’ for North Korea to host FIFA 2026.

Nelson/Brodkin was then taken away by security and has been charged by Swiss police for trespassing, although it isn’t expected that he’ll go to jail.

Our take: We’re not sure how Nelson even gets in to these kind of things – earlier this year he even got on stage with Kanye at Glastonbury! Is security really just that lax nowadays?!

Possible life on Mars found?

Mars-LifeThe truth is out there… Is it?

The Curiosity Rover on Mars has been sending snaps back and some people claim that the pictures show skeletons… Or they may just be weirdly shaped rocks…

Our take: Hmmm. The pictures look like the imprint of a skeleton, with a head, torso and arms. Could this be a trick of the mind and do the pictures really just show rocks? Let us know what you think!

Student spends year living in a tent

Tent-StudentEvan Eames, a Canadian student studying for his master’s degree in Manchester, spent 10 months living in a tent in someone’s back garden because he couldn’t afford the rent.

Evan had spent £20k on tuition fees and needed an ingenious idea to save money whilst at uni. He posted an advert on the website Reddit asking if he could crash in someone’s garden in exchange for tutoring or to be an extra player on Mario Kart.

Our take: Sounds crazy? Probably, but Evan is a scientist and everybody knows scientists do crazy things. Still – he was desperate, and how many others like him are there? Why should students, especially international students, have to pay a ridiculous amount of money to study when they don’t know how, or even where, they will survive during that time? More on this story here.


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