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1/2 Grads have non-grad jobs, H’holds waste 6 meals/week, Cheaters work in gvt…

Half of UK grads have non graduate jobs

Graduate SchemesA study by the office of national statistics has found that over half of UK graduates are employed in non graduate jobs.

The Office of National Statistics has found that 47% of graduates are working in jobs where a background in higher education is not required, a sharp rise from a similar, pre recession, study.

Our take: We all know the job market is tough, and we shouldn't be blaming graduates for not being able to find jobs fitting to their degrees. Getting any kind of job is well worth celebrating. Surely the question we should really be asking the government and the large multinational corporations is, why aren't more graduates employed at 'their level'?

Day of Action planned against student debt sell off

student_protestsThe Student Assembly Against Austerity has planned a national day of action against government proposals to privatise student loans.

The current administration wants to raise funds by selling off government assets, including the Student Loan Company, and claims that students wouldn't be affected by privatisation.

Our take: Right, we'll take their word for it, just like all the other British industries that haven't been affected by privatisation. The Royal Mail definitely wasn't undervalued and then bought on the cheap by Goldman Sachs... British Gas isn't  ramping up prices with little thought for the consumer and the trains are never late or over priced...

Students who cheat "more likely to want Gvt job"

cheating studentAccording to research by Harvard and the University of Pennsylvannia, students who cheat in exams are more likely to want a job in government.

The study also covered the correlation between giving to charity and wanting to work in government, with the results being similarly damning on politicians.

Our take: This might just explain a few things. In a week where Tory MPs tried to remove their pre election speeches from the internet, it's difficult not to draw a direct line between those willing to break the rules for their own gain and the people running the country.

Households waste 6 meals each week

food wasteThe waste prevention agency WRAP has published research showing that up to six meals per week are being wasted in British households, an accumulative 4.2 million tonnes.

The study shows that one in five potatoes and 24 million slices of bread are thrown away every day despite some still being edible.

Our take: With food prices seeming to rise almost constantly, this much waste just doesn't seem sustainable. Make sure that when you shop you have a list and a meal plan to make the most of the your budget and cut down on the amount of food that's being wasted. We've also got guides on foods that you can freeze as well as reviving old food that might help.

State of the Machin: On Christmas

Last Minute ChristmasThe last thing I want is to be considered as a Grinch banging on about well worn clichés of Christmas coming earlier every year. But really, what's going on with Christmas this year?

We were barely into November before the oncoming storm that is Christmas overtook the world of television (Sly Doctor Who 50th anniversary reference for the nerds there).

So now that the major super markets and retailers have all splurged their budgets on expensive and tactically placed ads. It's my duty as the resident grump to ask, have any of them had any effect? No. The cartoon John Lewis bear, the brave soldier returning home to his family to warm our hearts and whatever is going on in the various Tesco adverts, none of it matters.

We're all much better off sticking with the online evil, tax dodging corporation with the smile on the box.

On the other hand, one company that has clearly gone way over budget is ComparetheMarket getting Gary Barlow (who must be at least three celebrity levels above Robert Webb) to appear in their adverts. It's entirely possible that I'm the only person still laughing at those troublesome egomaniac meerkats, but I don't care.

Do you think Christmas has come too early or do you love the festivities?

And that's the State of the Machin.


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