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Gvt Refuses to Review Loans, Uni Wastes £300k, Students Taught to Wash…

Government refuses student loan review

90s loan refundStrangely enough, there have been fears raised over how sustainable the current student loan situation is. It has been predicted that by 2044 there will be £330bn worth of student loans ready to be wiped off.

Wasn’t the whole raising of university fees meant to save money in the long run? It doesn’t look like that ‘genius' plan is working.

The Commons Business, Innovation and Skills Committee (or Bis for short) have warned that there must be an urgent review over the sustainability of the current situation. The government said no, there’s no issue. Best to see what happens in 2044.

Our take: Wait, you mean tripling the university fees may create MORE problems in the future if the students can’t pay back the loan before it’s wiped? Yep, the government is right – this is a foolproof way to bring back da moniez to the public purse.



Hundreds apply for every junior academic job

Job-CompetitionFreedom of Information requests show that hundreds of applicants apply for every junior research position at top UK universities. One position at Cambridge University received 230 applications for just one position.

Junior research jobs are often part time, but are seen as a great way of starting your academic career – that’s why they’re highly sort after and competition can be fierce.


Our take: Looking for work as a graduate is really tough, especially if you want a job in research. Never give up, and remember our employment guides can help… clicky here.



Cost of driving licence decreases

Driving-LicenseWhether you are looking to drive or just need some ID – the cost of getting a provisional license has now gone from £50 to £34.

The cost of renewing your licence has also gone down. It’s always nice when the price of something goes down for once.


Our take: Learning to drive is expensive enough, so it’s very kind of the DVLA to lower the cost for wannabe motorists – as well as those lucky enough to look under 25.


Uni spends £300k on screen that can’t play video

Plymouth-Uni-ScreenPlymouth University has spent £300k on a huge 30ft screen – but it can’t play videos as it will be viewable from two roads and could distract drivers. Isn’t a 30ft screen distracting enough?!

The screen will only be used to show time-lapsed pictures. For £300k they could show something better… like cats.


Our take: So no awesome film nights at Plymouth University, then! If you have £300k spare, why not invest it in the students? Seems like a lot of money to waste on a bad TV…

Birmingham City students taught how to do washing

mother-washingResearch by Birmingham City University found that 66% of new students were strangers to a washing machine.

Their solution? Issuing step-by-step instructions on how to do the laundry – including how to wash clothes, empty pockets and turn the washing machine on.

Our take: A lot of students go to university strangers to the washing machine and cooker. It’s great that City are trying to help their students adjust so they don’t have to phone home to ask household questions.

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