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Grad Unemployment Drop, Branson offers Unltd Holidays, Gay Unis…

Graduate unemployment drop

Unemployed-GraduateGood news, everyone! Figures from the Higher Education Careers Services Unit (or just HECSU for short) suggests that graduate unemployment is now 7.3% - that’s down from 8.5% last year. Yay!

The Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (or AGCAS for short, that name is waaay too long) has also published a report which shows that 70% of new graduates are employed. The number of graduates doing retail or bar work is also down 0.7% to 13% - so there is hope after all.

Our take: A common fear is that, after leaving university, your degree will be wasted and you’ll be stuck in a dead end job. Yet these results show that things are looking up, more graduates have a decent job, you just have to try!

Hour’s teaching lost to bad behaviour

naughty-studentsOfsed say that up to an hour’s worth of teaching is lost every day in schools due to bad behaviour. The education watchdog has warned that misbehaviour is now part of ‘everyday life’, and two-thirds of teachers believe that it is a major problem.

Ofsted has mostly blamed this on the casualness of heads and teachers, not mentioning the parents.

Our take: Bad behaviour to this extent really can jeopardise the education of students who want to learn – and it is their right to have a good education with minimal disruption.  Some teachers don’t really know how to control badly behaved students; it’s not something that they learn when training. Parents should also be accountable – it’s their child!

Parents want payday loan ad bans

Payday loans regulationA survey from the Children’s Society shows that parents want a ban on payday loan adverts. A smaller survey on teenagers also found that nine out of ten recognised the companies.

The Children’s Society wants a ban on payday loan adverts before 9pm, the watershed time. They have warned that young people see these adverts as ‘fun, tempting or exciting’, raising fears that young people could be tempted to take out a loan.

Our take: Payday loans are bad. Seriously, don’t ever take one out – there are other ways if you are struggling. The culture of payday loans has to end, the high APRs and relaxed nature can put people in to more debt. Don’t do it. Ever! More on that here...

Six UK unis are gay friendly

gay-unisStonewall, a LGB (lesbian, gay and bisexual) rights charity has released a guide to show gay friendly universities.

Gay By Degree 2015 scored six UK universities' top marks – Cardiff University, the University of Essex, the University of Glasgow, Liverpool John Moores University, Sheffield Hallam University and York St Johns University.

11 UK institutions received no marks, having none of the criteria such as having a LGBT society. When the guide was first launched in 2010, no university received top marks.

Our take: Universities can come a long way in ten years! It’s great that six unis are gay friendly, but really it should be more in this day and age. The institutions that received no marks should especially review their policies to ensure all students, and prospective students, are involved and happy.

Richard Branson’s staff have UNLIMITED HOLIDAY

branson-holsThe big boss of the Virgin Group, Richard Branson, offers his staff unlimited holiday. Unfortunately, it’s only his ‘personal staff’ of 170.

Richard says that he assumes his staff will take holiday when projects are up to date and won’t harm the company. That’s a lot of trust. He added that his staff can take ‘a few hours, a day, a week or a month off’ without approval. The approach must be working – I hear the Virgin Group are doing very well.

Our take: We love Richard! It takes a lot of trust to do this, which must be why this doesn’t apply to all Virgin staff. Maybe more companies should follow his lead.


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