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You can now get PAID to eat chocolate – here’s how

Think eating chocolate for money sounds too good to be true? Think again – Maltesers, Snickers and Mars Bars are now looking to hire people to try their products! Best. Job. Ever.

happy woman with a bar of chocolate

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Like chocolate? And earning money? You're in for a treat.

If you're on the search for the perfect part-time job, look no further – getting paid around £10 an hour to taste chocolate is about as good as it gets.

Read on to find out how to nab this dream opportunity.

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What experience do you need to be a chocolate taster?

chocolate and ingredients

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None! Mars, the parent company of Maltesers, Snickers and (unsurprisingly) Mars Bars are ultimately looking for people with a good taste in chocolate for this role.

But, although you don't need prior chocolate-tasting work experience, the job spec lists a number of qualities they look for in the ideal candidate:

  • General good health (healthy teeth/gums and no allergies or intolerances)
  • Detail orientated – you should be perceptive and descriptive
  • Interest in product evaluation – experience in product testing would likely help
  • Prepared to try new tastes and ingredients
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Open to receiving feedback and training, in a positive and professional manner
  • Computer literate
  • Good at timekeeping.

More about the role

chocolate with turquoise background

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Mars are looking to hire eight new chocolate tasters. If you meet the requirements above, you could be in with a pretty great chance.

Earning any amount of money to eat chocolate would obviously be the dream, but this job actually has good pay, offering £9.76 – £10.25 per hour.

It's a part-time role and, although working hours are flexible, you'd be required to work 12 hours a week.

If you're one of the successful candidates, you'd have six months of training at their headquarters in Slough before starting the role.

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How to apply to be a chocolate taster

pile of chocolate

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Note: This opportunity has now expired. For more ways to make money, check out our guide.

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