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Get a helicopter to uni, Mental Health ruins education, Student carry mattress…

Mental health stigma can ruin education

mental-health-stigmaThe mental health programme Time to Change questioned 3000 young people at school, college and uni to find out the effects mental illness can have on education. They found out that over three quarters of students miss out on their education due to the stigma of mental health.

They also discovered that 48% of students did not tell anyone at school/college about their problems – some students explained absences by pretending to be physically ill.

Our take: You can’t see mental illness, so some people can’t understand what it’s like. People need to be educated on mental health; this includes other students and education officials, because it is an important issue that can affect anyone in any area of their lives.

Student to carry mattress until rapist is expelled

student-carry-mattressA student at Columbia University will carry her mattress around campus until her alleged rapist is expelled from the university.

Although the student, Emma Sulkowicz, reported the attack, the rapist was found not guilty. Emma will carry the mattress as part of her thesis called ‘carry that weight’ – a literal symbol of how her life has been affected since the assault.

Our take: This is just one of a few high-profile cases where rape at university has been dealt with poorly. Rape is a crime that has no place anywhere, especially at university. The student reported the rape to university officials, but the police were never involved – why? A crime should be dealt with by the police, not a college dean.

Students can arrive to uni by helicopter

Very-Important-FresherThe yearly tradition of loading up your parents’ car with all your worldly possessions is so last year. For a bargain price of  £25,000 you can arrive to university by helicopter, private jet or Rolls Royce.

The service is provided by Very Important Freshers, who promise that your entrance will be ‘enviable of movie stars and premiership football players’.

Our take: Yes, your entrance may be enviable but we can’t see Wayne Rooney being jealous about any other aspect of student life…

Broadband providers battle for students

Broadband-CompetitionWith 1000s of students heading back to uni soon many will have to set up new broadband contracts for their houses.

There's so much competition this year that many providers have slashed costs, started giving out vouchers & looked at offering student friendly 9 month contracts.

Our take: Here at STS we love competition like this because at the end of the day it means better value for students. We've even managed to secure a couple of awesome deals that you can compare in our swanky new student broadband comparison table.

Young teachers have poor grammar

teacher-grammar-spellingThe president of the Girls’ Schools Association, Alice Phillips, has claimed many young teachers are ‘at sea with aspects of proper usage’ – which translates in to ‘don’t know good grammar when they sees it’.

Ms Phillips, who is also head of St Catherine’s School in Surrey, has realised that some of her new, young teachers were not taught grammar at school. A poor understanding of spelling and grammar then goes on to affect the pupils, who won't know the difference between relative and subordinate clauses.

Our take: A good grasp of English is needed in any subject that requires some writing. Despite this, grammar does not seem to be a priority in English lessons – can anyone remember learning about different types of sentences? The new GCSE system in particular pays attention to written English, so now is the time to start introducing grammar in to the classrooms once more.

Master can keep his dog because it’s a cat

Master-can-keep-dogA Cambridge University master is allowed to keep his dog, which should be banned in accommodation, because really it is a very large cat…officially speaking.

Roger Mosey told officials that his basset hound YoYo was a cat – and the decision to let him keep the cat/dog was announced in the council minutes as ‘Council approved the Master’s request to adopt A Very Large Cat in the Master’s Lodge’.

Our take: Sometimes, university officials can be really cool – and everybody loves seeing a dog on campus!


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