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General Election 2K15, Exam Puppies, Uni Drop Outs, Exam Watch Ban…

It’s Election Day!

election2015Yes, the day has finally come! Today, the 7th May, is the day we can have a say in who runs our country for the next five years. If you’re under 18 – unluckers, maybe next time, but for those over 18 you have an important decision to make.

Polling stations are open all day so you have plenty of opportunities to cast your vote. Who will you choose?

Our take: It’s so important to have your say. A vote is better than no vote, and there are some parties that would be better suited to run the country than others. Don’t know who to vote for? You can take a quick quiz here to see who you side with.

Puppy room to open for stressed students

cute-puppy-roomIs it possible to be stressed when there’s a cute little puppy in front of you, demanding attention? We don’t think so – and it seems neither do the University of Central Lancaster as they will be opening a puppy room in June.

The students’ union will be teaming up with the Guide Dogs charity to provide puppies to help students cope with stress during the exam period.

Our take: A PUPPY ROOM. A ROOM FULL OF PUPPIES. Stressed or not, it’s the best idea we have ever heard (except maybe a room full of cats) and would probably help a lot of students de-stress. Except maybe if the student was allergic… but still, PUPPIES!

Grad employer stops looking at A Level grades

GCSE-GradesPricewaterhouseCoopers (Wow, that’s a long word – we’ll call them PWC) is one of the UK’s largest graduate employers, as well as one of the top accountancy firms out there. Now, they have announced that they will stop looking at UCAS scores when looking for recruits because they believe the filter could disadvantage job seekers from poorer backgrounds.

The chief executive of the Association of Graduate Recruiters, Stephen Isherwood, believes other graduate employers should follow suit.

Our take: How you performed at A Level can affect your choice of uni, but there is no reason why it should stop you getting a good job. Exams aren’t everything, people! Hopefully, this will reassure those currently taking A Levels – it isn’t the end of the world! Graduates, we have loads of employers listed here and college kids, we have a helpful and reassuring guide to results day. It’s never too early to be prepared for the future!

Fears over uni drop out rates

dropoutsStudents must stay engaged and have help getting a graduate job or they risk dropping out of uni, says the vice-chancellor of Nottingham Trent University.

In 2012/13 over 32,000 students dropped out after a year, according to the Higher Education Statistics Agency, which has raised concerns that school leavers feel that going to university is important to get a good job. Professor Peck told The Telegraph that “if we are saying to students that coming to university will improve your job prospects, then we have to deliver that.”

Our take: University can help you get a good job – for some jobs, you will need a degree, but not all jobs! Before you go to uni, make sure you have an idea about what you want to do afterwards. There are also ways to improve your chances of getting a job afterwards in our handy guide here and tips on getting a job here.

Students can’t wear watches in exams

Apple-watchMore and more universities are banning watches in exam rooms, fearing that fancy smartwatches could help students cheat.

City University London are now banning all watches from exams whilst at Cambridge University watches will be examined by invigilators.

Our take: Banning all watches – that seems a little extreme, doesn’t it? Smartwatches are becoming more common, but are still out of an ordinary student’s price range – although arguably, they could be used to cheat in an exam. An analogue watch, however, can hardly be a cheating device… or could it?


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