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Free Aldi Shuttle Bus, The REAL Cost of Uni, Crisp Scandal, UK Uni Rankings…

Ever thought how much a lecture really costs?

uniperhour-newsGetting up for that 9am lecture is hard – it’s just too easy to turn your alarm off. No harm done, right?

Have you ever thought how much that lecture or seminar actually costs? For example, if you have 5 hours worth of lectures a week – that’s £60 for every lecture! Pretty shocking when you look at it like that.

Curious to know your results? Check it out here.

Our take: Missing a lecture may seem like no big deal, but if it costs that much you might think twice. Or, on the other hand, you may not think that it’s worth the money. It depends how interactive your lecturer is, or if it’s simply just reading off a Powerpoint (which we could do at home, in our warm beds).

12 UK unis in top 100

times-uni-rankingsThe Times has published its yearly report of who’s hot and who’s not – in other words, the official rankings of universities around the world.

12 UK universities made it in to the top 100, including fierce rivals Cambridge University and Oxford University. Last year, there were just 10 UK universities in the list – so UK unis are clearly doing something right.

Our take: 12 universities – not bad, but nothing compared to the US who have a staggering 43 universities in the top 100. The Times list can be a great way to find out how good a uni is, or how happy students are. It can help students not make a huge mistake and go to the wrong uni, so make sure you share your opinions!

Unis offer free laptops to students

uni-laptopFrom September 2015, universities can admit as many students who achieve ABB and above at A Level as they want. Competition is rife amongst unis in the battle to get the best students.

Instead of a fight to the death or around the Total Wipeout course, unis are simply offering more financial and material incentives to study at their university, such as photography equipment and a laptop. Some unis are even offering scholarships to smartie pants – that’s an incentive to work hard!

Our take: Wait a minute! Tuition fees were raised as university budgets were slashed – but they can afford to spend thousands on tempting students? That just isn’t right. Sure, they will encourage students to maybe work harder so they get the rewards, but it also shouldn’t cloud their judgement as to what is the best uni for them is.

Students with mental health conditions face stigma

mental-health-stigmaA shocking study by the Priory Group has revealed that 70% of students have admitted not being able to understand when a friend admits to having mental health issues.

Nine out of ten students also believe that universities could do more to help those who are suffering with a mental illness.

Our take: It’s shocking, but completely real to students who do have a mental illness. More education is needed for fellow students, as well as uni staff, to understand how mental health can affect someone.

Aldi to provide shuttle bus service

aldi-shuttleAldi have announced that they will begin providing a shuttle bus service for students to get to their nearest Aldi. Yay! Except maybe not quite ‘yay’ as this service is currently only available to students in the Republic of Ireland.

Aldi have not yet said whether they will roll out this scheme to other areas, but hopefully they will. Walking to the supermarket? What are we, animals?

Our take: A free ride, how can anyone say no to that? If you’re unlucky enough to live outside the Republic of Ireland, we still have your backs – not literally, we aren’t going to give you a piggy back, but you can do your food shopping online.

Customer finds uncooked potato in bag of crisps

aldi-crispsSpeaking of Aldi… a hungry customer recently opened his bag of Aldi crisps and found a potato. Yes, an uncooked, unsliced potato – no crisps.

We’ve been sure for a while that the amount of crisps in our packets has been shrinking – but are the crisp companies running out of that much money, that we now have to cook our crisps ourselves?!

Our take: It’s pretty funny, and it could’ve been worse – but how did that get through quality control?!


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