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Final year students send off record number of job applications

The desire for university graduates to embark on their chosen careers has resulted in a record number of graduate job applications.

It now seems that students are deciding to skip gap-years and get their foot on the increasingly tricky employment ladder, even earlier.


A recent survey of 17, 000 final-year students showed that people leaving education in the class of 2012 are keener than ever to tackle job prospects.

The survey, conducted by The High Fliers Research, also found that graduate jobs in investment banking have returned to their highest level since the start of the credit crunch since 2008.

Only 12% want a Gap Year

Now, only 12% of graduates plan to take a gap year, whilst the overall figure (surveyed over 30 universities) indicates that student job applications have risen by 40% in the last two years.

Martin Birchall, managing director of High Fliers Research, said: "Three years ago, when the recession first took hold, many students felt there was little point in looking for a graduate job in such a tough employment market and instead opted to take time off, go travelling or enrol for further study at university. Today's students aren't necessarily much more confident about the graduate job market but have been fighting really hard to secure the jobs that are on offer from employers."

The survey was completed in March. Each student was asked questions in a face-to-face interview with High Fliers Research.

There has been fewer applications in Law, engineering and the armed forces, whilst marketing is the most popular job choice for most graduates.

With the current economic climate, this survey is a strong message by students who show ambition to make the most of their recent education.

Your Views?

How do you feel about current job prospects? Are there enough chance for students in the current climate? And also, how would you tackle employment fresh from university?



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