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Student News

Fake Tan Ruins Student Beds, 10% of Students Can’t Cook, 9/10 Grads get jobs…

10% of Students Never Make Their Own Food

students_cooking_togetherA study on student eating habits has revealed that a tenth of the student population do not cook for themselves during term time.

Other shocking figures reveal that more than half of the UK's students rely on a daily food budget of £2.50 and that 65% skip breakfast (the most important meal of the day).

Our Take: Keeping your budget low doesn't have to mean starving yourself! We have loads of articles and recipes here, so you can feed yourself properly and save money. The University experience is all about looking after yourself and learning to cook is a big part of that.

Casual Staff Not Being Paid Properly

part_time_student_jobMany UK agency workers are not being paid in accordance with European guidelines, including zero hour and casual contracts, a main stay of student part time jobs.

Companies are rolling over temporary contracts to avoid having to pay staff full time wages and the benefits that go with them

Our Take: More cheery news! Casual work is great for the bit of extra cash during term time, but make sure you're getting paid the right amount. Some companies will always try to take advantage of workers, but there will always be a union or a representative you can get in touch if you think you're being ripped off.

9 in 10 Graduates in Employment

students-throwing-hats-graduationWhat recession?

A new paper on the class of 2008-09 has found that 87% of students in that year are in employment three and half years after graduating and only 3% are unemployed.

The academic year came through the worse of the recession, but maybe the job market isn't as tough as it's made out to be with such high figures.

Our Take: We're all saved! These statistics are encouraging compared to the same study in 2007, but still down the pre credit crunch year of 2005. Graduates in work, reporting a high job satisfaction is always good news in our book though. If you're a graduate and you haven't found your dream job yet, why not head over to Save the Graduate and check out all the great stuff we have on offer over there?

Too Much Fake Tan Can Lose Your Deposit

fake tanA Cardiff landlord has complained that hundreds of mattresses have been ruined by students using fake tan.

He was unsure as to what the stains were at first until he could make out clear outlines on some of the beds.

The cost for replacing the mattresses has reached into the thousands for some landlords and they've resorted to taking out the costs on students deposits.

Our Take: How important is fake tan? Is it worth losing valuable deposit money? Surely there's a better way to work this kind of thing out? A bit of responsibility on both sides wouldn't go amiss, if students were a bit more careful with their tanning products and landlords communicated more clearly, then we might just all get along.

State of the Machin: On Various Football Woes

footballAll in all, not a great weekend football wise. I'm still lagging well behind in the Save the Student fantasy league (props to Stuart Robb who's in first place this week), Manchester United lost to Liverpool, and despite the pretty poor performance, didn't sign the landmark midfielder that was so obviously needed.

My biggest gripe about football though, is the international break. The Premier League has only just started again after a seemingly endless summer, and then just when the momentum was building, we miss two weeks for boring internationals. The number of injuries to the England squad mean that the team won't be anywhere near full strength for the World Cup qualifiers, and even if they were full strength the matches wouldn't be any less dull.

As if that wasn't bad enough, England international matches are on ITV, meaning we're treated to extra helping of Adrian Chiles, Andy Townsend and Clive Tyldesley. It's impressive, that in an ever changing lineup of terrible football punditry, including serial dullard Michael Owen, that ITV is so dedicated to being the leader in the field for banality and most lacking in insight or interest.

And that's the State of the Machin.


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