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Student News

Creme Eggs Ruined, Puppy Room Scam, Naps Help Learning…

Crème Eggs lose their Dairy Milk

Creme eggsCadbury ruined Christmas for many when they announced that they would no longer produce chocolate coins. Not content with ruining one holiday – they’re having a go at destroying Easter, too.

Their staple Easter treat – the Crème Egg – now comes in multipacks of five or 10, with very little reduction in price.

Even worse – the owners of Cadburys have announced that the delicious egg will have a basic chocolate shell, not Dairy Milk. Easter’s cancelled, then. 🙁

Our take: Eggs come in batches of six or 12 – this just doesn’t make sense! They’re eggs! And don’t even get us started on the egg itself – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. On the plus side, you may save money and your waistline by not buying them…

Dogs in Exeter puppy room 'too old'

Old dogWhen Exeter University announced that they would have a puppy room to help stressed-out students, many were jealous. However, scandal has hit the university: neither of the two dogs were puppies.

Odie is two, while Jasper is six-and-a-half – meaning they can't be classed as young'uns. Apparently, it wasn’t possible to use real puppies because they “poo, wee and bite", while adult dogs know better. Still, they are cute, and the room is a success nonetheless.

Our take: We bet those who blasted Exeter for stretching the truth are just jealous that their university doesn’t have a puppy room. It should be a standard in all universities: doggie rooms for all!

Greens and Tories fight it out for second place

Ed Miliband Power to the people! A poll by YouGov found that the Green Party were tied in second place with the Conservatives for the student vote.

The most popular party for students is Labour, who have 32% support. Can students swing the vote in the general election?

Our take: As the future generation, the student vote is an important one. If you don’t know who to vote for – research the parties and find the one you like. People in other countries are fighting and dying for democracy and a chance to have their say in who runs their country. Don’t let your voice fall silent in May.

Stafford Uni students to study at Alton Towers

RollercoasterTwenty students from Staffordshire University’s Visitor Attraction and Resort Management course will get the opportunity to study at nearby Alton Towers to learn how to run a theme park.

They will learn about good customer service, marketing and financing. They probably won’t learn about how awesome The Smiler and Oblivion are, but they still get to work in a theme park – that’s pretty cool, right?

Our take: Practical learning is awesome, especially when it involves theme parks (or cats). Why do other universities seem so much cooler than our own?

Naps aid learning

Napping studentPossibly the best and most important news we have heard all year – taking regular naps has been shown to help learn new skills.

Now, before you shut down your computer and get in to your PJs – this only applies to babies.

Scientists found that babies who were taught to do something, then napped and repeated the skill, could do so far better than babies who didn’t nap afterwards.

So if you’re struggling to learn something new, blame a lack of sleep or simply try and nap, just in case it helps…

Our take: Pretty awesome stuff, and it shows just how important sleep is. The findings may be aimed just at babies, but naps are always great. So maybe pulling an all-nighter isn’t as good for your studies as you thought.


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