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Student News

Carbon Rod runs for President, Uni Applications Rise, Bills Soar, The End of the Penny?…

UCAS Applications Rise

UCAS_application_changeUCAS have revealed that the number of applications is up 3.5% from last year. This is a relief to many who feared that the increase in tuition fees, which caused a large drop in applications in 2012, would continue to put potential students off applying and the numbers would keep falling.

The number of applicants is still down from 2011 but the future of higher education looks a little more hopeful with this increase.

Our take: The rise in applicants is good news.  While the rise in fees has damaged peoples views of higher education, at least it looks like it could be recovering, even if only slowly. A double dip recession is bad enough, never mind a fall in university applicants as well.

Water Bills Spilling Over

save money on water billThe average cost of a household water bill is set to rise by 3.5% (what is it with 3.5 this week?) to £388 per year. The rise is above the rate of inflation, but OFWAT, the regulators of Water and Sewage say the rise is necessary as part of £25m investment in improving the countries infrastructure, to be better prepared to deal with flooding and deliver safe and secure water.

Our take: Boo! More expensive student bills, just what we don't need. However with the number of floods we've experienced in recent years, as well as rapidly changing weather patterns, perhaps an upgrade in our facilities is just what the country needs, but should we be the ones paying for it?

The NUS Elections – Vote Rod?

inrodwetrustThe NUS presidential election starts in April with an unlikely candidate leading the field: an inanimate carbon rod.

The satirical campaign for the rod was launched by a disgruntled student who was bored by familiar candidates all spouting same boring platitudes. However thanks to Twitter the campaign quickly snowballed and the rod looks to be a front runner for NUS president.

Our take: As journalists we should probably stand away from any political leanings, but for the sake of fun, lets back the rod completely. Apart from discounts at the cinema how useful do you really find the NUS? I know I'd enjoy it a lot more if it, as rod's manifesto outlines, the training of 8 million death cyborgs.

Look After The Pennies?

canadianpennyThis week Canada started phasing the one pence piece out of their economy, because they were costing more to produce than their actual value.

The Canadian mint ended its distribution of the penny on Monday, although the coins will remain legal tender until they disappear from circulation.

Our take: This doesn't affect us directly, yet. But with the continued rise of cash cards, chip and pin and even contactless payment, how long has physical money really got? Classic moments like scraping all your loose change together box for that cheeky midweek pint you can't really afford could be lost forever. This is the beginning of the end.


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