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Student News

Car Crashes into Tank, Three U-Turn, Free Windows 10 Upgrade…

It’s National Student Money Survey Time!

survey-newsHave you taken part in our survey yet? The National Student Money Survey helps us understand how students feel about their financial situation.

More importantly for you – 5 lucky students will win Nando’s vouchers for completing the survey. Bribery is everything.

Our take: The results are actually really useful in seeing what students spend their money on, how they save money and how cost effective they think their uni is – you can see last year’s results here and take this year’s survey here. You have two weeks to complete it but do it now before you forget (don’t miss out on the possibility of free Nando’s!)

Energy companies must tell customers about all tariffs

myenergycreditFrom October, energy companies will have to tell their customers if they are getting the best deal, by informing them if they can save money by switching tariffs. This will include ‘white label’ brands, where an organisation without a supply license works with an energy company to supply gas/electricity through their own brand (for example, British Gas and Sainsbury’s Energy – did you know that?)

Energy companies currently have to inform customers if they are not on the cheapest tariff the company offers, not including any white label brands. It’s hoped that this will help consumers save money and encourage them to shop around for the best deal.

Our take: You’d expect a parent company would sell energy at the same rate as their white label brand, seeing as they come from the same place… but sometimes a white label brand can be cheaper! You should always shop around for the best deal, and don’t just look at the big energy giants! We’ve compiled a list of the best value energy providers here.

Free Microsoft 10 upgrade

windows10Microsoft users who are currently using Windows 7 or 8.1 can now register for a free upgrade to Windows 10, due to be released on the 29th July.

If you're still using Windows 8 (why would you?!) you can upgrade to 8.1 for free, making you then eligible for the upgrade. Eligible users should be prompted via a popup on your computer.

Our take: Windows 10 should be better than 8, hopefully they will learn from their mistakes… What we want to know is what happened to Windows 9? Did 7 8 9? (Sorry…)

Three u-turns on mid-contract price rises

three-uturnLast year, mobile phone provider Three promised not to hike prices mid-contract – which was pretty good of them, as no one likes paying more for the same service. Now, there’s a twist!

New customers with a 24 month contract have a new clause in their contract, saying Three can increase their prices in line with inflation. Little rascals!

Our take: Broken promises. We’re used to them, but they’re still not fun. We have some awesome advice on picking the best mobile phone contract here to save you money and heartbreak.

Learner driver crashes in to a tank

learner-tankA learner driver in Germany had an accident with a tank this week – she didn’t see it, and pulled out in front of it.

Thankfully, no one was hurt. The damage to the car has been estimated at £8500… but what about the tank?

Our take: A tank is supposed to be camouflaged… but maybe this tank was TOO well camouflaged. Well played, tank. Well played.


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