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Cambridge Tops League, Women with Firsts No Better Off, Call for Means Tested Fees

Cambridge Tops University League Table

Cambridge UniversityCambridge University has topped the Guardian's University Guide league table for the third year in a row. Students at the institution are happy with the level of feedback they receive from lecturers and have better job prospects. Other universities that have fared well this year are Surrey, who have made the top ten for the first time, and Birmingham who have moved from 30th to 15th.

Our Take: League Tables are probably given more credit than they deserve, and with so many of them knocking around at the moment it's hard to choose which ones to trust. Perhaps they should invent a guide to university guides, just to be safe.

Women With Firsts Don't Earn Any Extra Money

GraduatedA survey from the Centre of Economic Performance has found that women who have a first class degree do not earn any extra money than they would with a 2:1, while men's wages are 6% higher when compared to women's.

You can find out the average salary for your degree based on research we carried out here.

Our Take: According to the Centre of Economic Performance, they can't account for the gender gap. We think we might have an idea about it: sexism. Good news for any women studying for exams at the moment, you don't have to work so hard!

Charity Calls For Means Tested Tuition Fees

tuitionfeespigThe Education Charity the Sutton Trust has called for tuition fees to be means tested, to help the poorer in society get the education they deserve. Over 80% of 11-16 year old's in the UK believe university is a good way to do well in life, but many have concerns over the cost. If fees were means tested, the charity argues, it would be a much fairer and more inclusive system.

Our Take: We almost made it through an entire weekly roundup without mentioning those pesky tuition fees, but they rear their ugly head once again. At least this one is slightly more positive, means tested tuition fees are a great idea, but is it going to happen? We wouldn't bet on it.

Graphic Sexual Assault Exam Questions

examA criminal law exam question has caused controversy this week, as it included a question about a hypothetical scenario involving society initiations. Students were asked to consider male rape, torture and even death.

Our Take: We just can't keep Cambridge out of the news this week, which we're sure Oxford will be thrilled about. In reality this isn't much of a story, surely it's only fitting that questions about criminal law are asked in a criminal law exam?


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