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Student News

Calls to Bring Back Polys & Ban Pay Day Loan Ads, Expensive Student Cities Announced

Manchester Met Tops Green University League

manchester metManchester Metropolitan University has topped the league table for being the most environmentally friendly institution in the country. Usual league leaders, Oxford and Cambridge both fared badly in the league, compiled by People and Planet, with Oxford failing the test and Cambridge coming 143rd.

Our Take: Like we said last week, it's easy to get caught up in league table nonsense, but at least this one has an actual effect on the planet. Well done to Manchester Met for leading the way with green initiatives and good effort Sheffield, who were the most improved university, with a rise of 63 places up the table.

NUS Calls For Ban On Payday Loan Adverts

wongaThe NUS has called for all UK institutions to ban adverts for payday loan companies on campus. Several universities already have bans, with the University of East London, Swansea and Northumbria leading the field. The NUS claims that students are being targeted for high interest payday loans that could impact on their well-being and their education.

Our Take: If you visit our site regularly enough, you'll see how many great offers we have on here, as well as money saving tips. You can see how we feel about payday loans here. Be sensible with your money in the first place, and you'll hopefully avoid having to get any payday loans. If you've used a payday loan we would be interested to hear from you, you could be featured in the news! Contact us here.

Cambridge & Bristol Most Expensive Student Cities

Government To Scrap Plan For Loan Repayment PenaltyAccording to a survey by the estate agent Haart, Cambridge and Bristol have overtaken London as the most expensive cities for students to live in. The survey also took into account the cost for a pint of beer on campus, with London unsurprisingly being the most expensive. Liverpool and Leeds were judged to be the cheapest student cities.

Our Take: Just in case we needed it confirming, the north is great. So much cheaper and friendlier. Or perhaps Haart just have a lot of properties they want to sell to parents in the North West and this survey is just part of a larger, diabolical scheme...

Education Think Tank Wants To Bring Back Polys

higher education commissionThe Higher Education Commission has called for the return of Polytechnic status for UK institutions, saying that it would bring the focus back onto vocational qualifications. Polytechnic's were abandoned in 1992, with most of them becoming fully fledged universities.

Our Take: Is there really any benefit to this? Changing a name won't save the countries higher education problems. It, presumably, won't make degrees any less expensive, or make the quality of teaching much better. If anything, it'll just invite more snobbery and put the institution's involved in the change more at risk, pull the other one.


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