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Budget Affects Post-Grads, Sky Price Increase, Student Protests…

£25K loans for post graduate degrees

budgetGeorge Osborne’s Budget threw up a nice surprise for those wanting to do a second degree – he’s proposed loans of up to £25,000 for students studying for PHDs and research based Master’s degrees.

Last year, the Government promised loans of up to £10,000 for taught postgraduate degrees. Both will be similar to the undergraduate loan system, where you pay the loan back in proportion to what you earn.

Our take: A second degree is an expensive but sometimes important step to your chosen career – because sometimes one degree just isn’t enough. The problem is the cost – not many people have £9k a year spare after uni, after all. More debts to pay back, yay! How about a shock and use our calculator to see how long it will take you to pay back your loans?

Price increases for Sky TV customers

SkyTVHaving Sky is a bit of a luxury for a student (and if you managed to get it free with your accommodation – we are so, so envious!) but the prices are soon set to increase by as much as £36 a year. Ouch!

The price hikes affect customers who joined after September 2014 or are no longer in their minimum contract period. Any smug people who are still in their initial contract period, be warned – prices will rise afterwards.

Our take: Yeah yeah, the increases are for the customers really to give them the best entertainment – blah blah. £36 a year is a big increase on something you just watch. Save yourself some money and switch to an online streaming company – we’ve compared the best here.

Students protest ‘profit-driven education’

LSE-ProtestsLondon School of Economics students have occupied a room at their university to protest the way higher education centres are run.

The occupation, called “Free University of London”, wants to scrap tuition fees and zero-hours contracts for staff. They want education to be more student-orientated and not just about the money they can bring to the university.

Our take: Protesting is definitely one way to get people to pay attention – and hopefully they will listen. Tuition fees and zero-hours contracts are major concerns of students, those in charge should show they care and if they want our business – listen to us!

Foreign students benefit UK students

international-studentsResearch by the Higher Education Policy Institute and YouthSight has found that 87% of uni applicants believe studying with foreign students helps to prepare them for diverse work places and a multi-ethnical society.

68% of students surveyed also hoped that studying with overseas students will help to improve their foreign language skills – but if the only French phrase you remember is ‘voulez-vous coucher avec moi?’…don’t say it (at least not as an opening sentence).

Our take: We live in a multicultural society, and more and more students are coming here to study. If UK students are becoming more tolerant and enthusiastic about engaging with foreign students, this really benefits those students – remember, they probably came over not knowing anyone or anything so would appreciate a friendly ‘hello’!

Public anatomy lectures planned

Public-AnatomyFor the first time since the 19th century, human remains will be used in public workshops to get in to the real flesh and bone (like, literally) of the human anatomy.

Edinburgh University will be offering a series of one-day workshops costing £100 each and will take place in a dissection laboratory. Not for the squeamish…

Our take: For anyone interested in the human body, or studying medicine, it would be a great opportunity to see beneath the skin and really get to understand the human body. It’s also quite historical, seeing as it was banned almost 200 years ago. Still, it’s not for us, thanks.


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