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Best Uni Chosen, Erasers Are The Devil, Exam De-stress With Pigs…

Cambridge top of Guardian Uni Guide

cambridge-uniThe Guardian’s yearly university guide is out and Cambridge has, not surprisingly, been named the best uni overall.

The Guardian’s criteria includes spending per student, how satisfied final year students are and graduate employment. Coventy Uni is now 15th in the table, its highest ever ranking. Well done, Coventry!

Our take: Guides like these are great for prospective students. Of course a uni will promise the world, but rankings can help prospective students see how good a uni really is. It’s also great to see universities that aren’t in the Russell Group in the top 20, showing that normal unis can still be awesome and get you a great degree!

55% of 18-24s struggle in silence with mental health

mental-health-stigmaA new national survey of 18 to 24-year-olds by Mind, the mental health charity, and the Lucy Rayner Foundation reveals that more than half say they find it difficult to talk about their feelings when they are down.

Nearly two thirds put on a smile and pretend they are okay when they are not and just less than half keep it a secret or say they lie when they are feeling down.

Our take: Mental illness is a serious issue and charities like Mind are doing amazing work. It's easier said than done but if you feel you are suffering please don't do it in silence as there's so much help out there.

Don’t forget to cancel your bills!

billsGetting ready to spend the summer back home, with someone else doing the cooking and the laundry?

Don’t get too carried away – remember to cancel any bills you pay (if you’re unlucky enough to not have all-inclusive rent) including your TV license.

Our take: Cancelling your broadband etc. may have some fees, so check your contract first. Next time, consider getting a 9 month contract (we feature some here every year). Need a TV license refund? We have all the info you need here.

Students de-stress with pigs

cute-pigPuppy rooms? Erg, so last year. Nottingham Trent University have come up with a novel way to help their students cope with exam stress and pressure.

PIGS! Well, micro pigs to be exact. At two of their campuses, students can spend time with micro pigs, a donkey, two goats, ducks and chickens. SO JEALOUS.

Our take: It’s like going to a farm, but without leaving the campus! Holy Jacksical, this is a genius idea! Just for the record, though – puppy rooms are still cool.

Rubber erasers are the devil

rubber-eraserGuy Claxton, a scientist and professor at King’s College London, wants rubber erasers to be banned in schools – because students think that making mistakes is a bad thing.

Claxton (who, as a scientist and a professor, knows what he’s talking about) called rubbers “an instrument of the devil” and that they encourage “a culture of shame about error”. Does anyone even still use pencils?

Our take: Woah, pretty strong views! Sometimes you need a rubber (in more than one way…) and sometimes, furiously crossing out your work is quite untidy – an eraser is much neater. And what if it’s not a mistake you’re trying to remove, but an unflattering picture of your teacher that she would SO not appreciate?

Increase in students studying abroad

volunteerabroadMore students are choosing to study abroad for part of their degree, says the British Council.

Over 15,000 UK students were involved in the EU’s Erasmus programme last year, where they spend a year in another European country. More than a third of students surveyed by the British Council this year said they were interested in studying abroad.

Our take: Who wouldn’t want to spend a year abroad?! Uni is the perfect time and excuse to do it, it’s like taking a gap year but it actually counts towards your degree! It’s a win-win situation! Interested? We have oodles of guides for you here! Don’t say we don’t treat you.


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