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Bath is Best Uni, Fake Degrees, New ISAs, Burger King Wedding…

Bath voted best for student experience

uni-of-bathThe Times has published its yearly Higher Education Student Experience Survey, which looks at 21 different areas that make up student life to find the best universities in the UK.

Top of the list is the University of Bath, which came second in last year’s survey. Second and third places this year went to Loughborough University and the University of Sheffield respectively.

Our take: The survey is a great tool for prospective students, as they can get a real insight in to how good (or bad) a university is from real students, and not just what the university tells you. It’s also a good indicator for the universities to know what they can improve on and maybe improve things for future students. The key word there is ‘maybe’.


New ISA savings year has begun

New-ISASGot some cash to save? You may benefit from putting it in a cash ISA, where you can save it tax-free up to £15,240.

ISAs can offer better interest and can be locked away for a few years to stop you spending it. Remember though – if you earn less than £15,600 you can put money in a savings account tax free anyway!

Our take: ISAs may sound confusing – but they’re really not! We have more info on them here, along with some of the best ISAs around. Looking for a savings account? Compare them with ease here.

Spanish town distance themselves from partying event

salou-festSpanish resort town Salou have begun distancing themselves from Saloufest, a yearly sports festival held in the town. Locals as well as the city authorities have complained that Saloufest is ruining the town’s reputation and image – and that far too many partygoers are there to drink excessively.

Despite being labelled a sports festival, the nearby town of Reus refused to let Saloufest use their sports facilities – saying that too many attendees use the football pitch to run around naked instead of kicking their balls around.

Our take: There will always be some people who take things too far – and we can’t imagine Saloufest is much fun for the locals. Saloufest is popular with students, but if you want to go drinking why not hit your local city? Much cheaper, and we have some tips to help save money on your night out too.

Worry over fake uni degrees website

fake-degreeYou can buy a lot of fakes online: fake handbags, watches, even Disney merch… but an investigation by BBC Radio Kent has also found that you can buy fake degree certificates online for £500.

The Higher Education Degree Datacheck (HEDD)’s spokeswoman Ms Rowley hopes that the Chinese authorities will help close down the site to protect students and employers from degree fraud.

Our take: We work hard for our degrees (most of us, there’s always one who seems to wing it…) and spend a fortune – and yet people actually buy these certificates to fake it? If you want a piece of paper you have to earn it! It’s actually shocking this site exists, but it does show that a degree is desirable in the work place – not that that in any way is an excuse for faking hard work.

First Burger-King wedding planned

Burger-king-weddingWhen you get lucky in love and surnames, amazing things can happen! An engaged couple from Illinois, USA are having their wedding paid for by Burger King.

Yeah, that’s right. Why is the fast food giant paying? Because Joel Burger is marrying Ashley King. We hope that they have a Whopper of a wedding and don’t have too much beef with each other in the future… (is that enough puns?)

Our take: We bet there are some single people out there with other famous food surnames like Hut, McDonald and Domino who are getting some ideas… Best of luck to the Burger-King couple, though! Wonder if they’ll have a double barrelled surname?


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