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ASOS introduces new ‘try-before-you-buy’ scheme and becomes more tempting than ever

As if we didn’t spend enough time scrolling through ASOS already, its app now allows you to order clothes to try on and only pay for those you keep.

new ASOS feature try before you buy

Online fashion retailer and all-round student favourite, ASOS, has introduced a ‘try-before-you-buy’ policy, meaning you no longer have to part with £100s to try on a load of clothes you know you'll return half of anyway.

You can now order as much as you like, try it all on, then only pay for the items you keep and send the rest back.

Feel free to pinch yourself right now, because we’re pretty excited too.

How does it work?

how to use ASOS try before buy

You’ll need the ASOS app, which is available on Apple and Android devices, to make use of this try-before-you-buy scheme.

All items on ASOS’ website have the try before you buy option, so you can shop for your items as usual without having to worry about what will come out of your bank account at the end.

When you’re ready to pay, go to your payment options and select Klarna Pay Later. Once the order is placed you'll receive an email from Klarna, the payment services company which ASOS is using, with payment instructions.

You then wait for your goods to arrive, try them on just as you would in a physical store and choose the ones you'd like to keep. Items can be sent back using any of ASOS’ return options.

Payments must be made within 30 days of the items being dispatched, and you can pay by either debit or credit card. If you decide something isn't for you, you've also got 30 days from the dispatch date to return the item.

To pay and use this scheme, you must be 18 or over, and have a mobile number, email address, and UK postal address.

Why you need to be careful

dangers of ASOS try before you buy

There are one or two aspects of this new initiative thath could catch you out. It’s a great scheme, but you need to be savvy!

On its website, Klarna warns that if you fail to make the full payment by the due date you will be sent a late payment reminder.

Doesn’t seem like such a big deal, does it? You can just make the payment then, right? Wrong! Don’t fall into this trap, as any late payments could be shared with credit reference agencies, therefore damaging your credit score.

This is why Klarna will only let shoppers with a reasonably good credit score use its service. It will do a soft credit search on you (which won't affect your rating) to check you are responsible before it lets you pay in this way.

What's more, Klarna’s Pay Later scheme is not regulated under the Consumer Credit Act. Section 75 protection, which applies to credit card purchases of between £100 and £30,000, will not apply to anything you buy using this scheme, so think carefully about how you pay if you’re going on a proper ASOS spree.

Klarna does have its own buyer protection policy though, which can be found here.

One final trap to watch out for is the 30-day return deadline. Note that it’s 30 days from the dispatch of the item, NOT the date it arrives with you.

So, track your order and make a note of the date it was dispatched – you should receive a tracking link in the email which confirms your order. To be safe, we recommend paying as soon as possible.

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