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Angry dad’s fury after trip to the cinema costs him £70

This Dad took his two kids to the cinema – he wasn't impressed when it ending up costing him £70!
cheap cinema ticketsWe all know the cinema isn't exactly the cheapest option for an afternoon activity, but when Dean McQuade from York took his two kids to the cinema at the weekend he certainly couldn't have guessed it would cost him a whopping £70!

The main source of Dean's rage was a small plastic bowl of nachos with a small amount of plastic-looking cheese dip on the side which cost £5.50 and could barely stifle the hunger of a five year old.

£5,50 for these, £5,50!!! There must be more than £5 profit in that!

Dean marched straight to Vue Cinemas' Facebook page to complain about the ridiculous prices. He ranted:

...with the ticket prices a drink & some sweets for [the kids] your looking at £70. That means a man of 25 on national minimum wage has to graft 10hrs to take 2 kids to the cinema for 1.5hrs on his day off. Madness.

10 hours! Pretty shocking. Hopefully Dean will get a pay rise now that the National Living Wage has come into effect.

One Vue Customer Services representative responded to Dean's complaint, saying that customers are allowed bring in their own snacks and drinks with them to the cinema.

We'll remember that one... thanks.

Tips to help you save money at the cinema

cat cinema

  • Bring your own food! As our friend Dean was kindly reminded by Vue cinemas – you can indeed bring your own food and drink in to the cinema, so you don't have to sneak it in or pay their ridiculous prices. However, you can't bring hot food or alcohol in with you.
  • Get 2 for 1 cinema tickets. There's no more Orange Wednesdays, but you can get a year's worth of 2 for 1 tickets for a few quid by using Meerkat Movies. Note that these tickets can only be used on a Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • Go during off-peak times. Most cinemas have two types of tickets – 'peak' tickets which are more expensive, and 'off-peak' which are for showings during the day and are therefore cheaper. Times and prices vary from one cinema to the next, but going off-peak could save you a few quid.
  • Don't forget your student ID! Flash your college or university card and you should be able to blag a student discount, which is a lot cheaper than getting an adult ticket!
  • Go to an independent cinema. If you have an independent cinema in your town, you might find that they're cheaper than the big cinema businesses.
  • Wait for the DVD! If you really don't want to spend the money, why not wait for the DVD to come out so you can watch it as many times as you like for the rest of time - or stream it through Netflix!

Even if you shave off a couple of quid, cinema prices will always be expensive. We've got a great guide on how to watch films online cheaply to help you save more money.


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