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80% of students constantly worry about money, Tuition fees to be limited to £6K?

4 in 5 students constantly worry about money

moneyIn our recent student money survey (thank you if you took part), we found that a massive 80% of students constantly worry about money. Perhaps more shocking, is that 1 in 5 students have turned to gambling as a way to make money, while 1 in 4 would consider selling their body for medical trials or for the adult entertainment industry.

Our Take: It's clear that now, more than ever before, students require much more in the way of support, awareness and wider education when it comes to personal finance. Maintenance loans only go so far to cover the rising cost of living. It really is a concern when we see how much worry and stress money issues are causing, when after all students should be focusing 100% on their studies.

Tuition Fees to be Limited to £6000?

tuitionfeespigA new study has found that tuition fees could be reduced to just £6000 a year and still remain cost effective for universities. The research was undertaken by the Million+ group has put forward a pricing strategy that would cost less money for students, with the Treasury and UK institutions not having to pay any more.

Our Take: £3000 less a year sounds good to us, although it's still double the price of tuition fees before the rise. The new system of fees has enough detractors already, surely it's time for a new strategy that puts students first?

Number of Foreign Students Falls Dramatically

internationalThe number of foreign students travelling to the UK to study at colleges has fallen by 46% according to a new survey.

The figure also includes students who come to the country to study a language, many have now swapped to visitor visas instead.

Our Take: And the number of admissions falls again, is there going to be anybody at all left at our universities in a few years time? This isn't directly associated with universities, but a large proportion of foreign students who study at UK colleges do stay in the country for higher education, or at least they did. If you're an international student you can check out our useful guide section here.

Cut Price Tuition For Going Local?

localA university think tank has lead calls for tuition fees to be lowered for students that go to their local university. The cut in price would be made back from a much larger saving in maintenance loans, but that would mean either living at home or working a part time job.

Our Take: This is a good idea in theory, any cheaper fees would be welcomed. But part of going to university isn't just studying, its about growing up and living on your own which you just wouldn't get if you stayed at home.

Facebook Takes Action on 'Rate Your Shag' Groups

facebook logoA vast number of groups titled “'Location' Rate Your Shag” have popped up on Facebook in the past few weeks, but now the social network has cracked down and removed the pages. The groups encouraged students to share the stories of their sexual encounters, and many felt they were inappropriate and a form of online humiliation and bullying.

Our Take: Ah Facebook, the land of casual racism, political incorrectness and sexism hidden behind 'banter'. It's a strong line for the company to take removing these groups, but you'd like to think that generally, people are better than that.


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