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Student News

Gvt. to Privatise Student Loans, Liv. Uni send out Wrong Results, Positive Grad Outlook…

Government Plans To Privatise Student Loans

student_protestsA controversial government document has surfaced this week detailing plans to privatise the student loan book.

The report suggested lifting a cap on the interest rate on loans, which would see graduates levelled with even more debt, or have the taxpayer cover the financial risks: investors, of course, would be completely safe.

Our Take: This simply isn't on. It's pretty clear that privatisation generally means that the public get shafted, just take a look at a our rail system: consistently the most expensive and least reliable in Western Europe. If you're against this policy, and you really should be, sign our petition here.

Santander Reveal New Student Account

Santander Student AccountSantander have become the first of the major banks to reveal their student account terms for the next academic year. The big news is that the account comes with a four year railcard, as well as the usual interest free overdraft.

The competition is hot between banks for Freshers to sign up, as they tend to become loyal customers well beyond their student years.

Our Take: It's a brave move being the first to show your hand, eh Microsoft, so kudos to Santander for that. But bravery doesn't necessarily translate to customers, we'd recommend you hold fire on choosing a bank account until you see what everyone else to offer first. This is one of the few decisions where multinational corporations are bending over backwards to win your loyalty, so why not take advantage of it?

Graduate Outlook Most Positive Since 2008


Graduates this summer have the best chance of getting a job since 2008, according to a survey by graduate recruiters.

The number of jobs on offer has increased this year, but paired with this good news that there's still, on average, 46 applicants for each vacancy.

Our Take: In this, often bleak, column you have to take good news where you can. But if you are a graduate struggling to find work, keep your eyes peeled for something new from us coming soon...

Liverpool University Emails Thousands Of Incorrect Exam Results

liverpool uniThousands of students at Liverpool University were left furious and confused on Monday morning, as an administrative error lead to the wrong results being sent out via email.

The results were emailed at 9am, with the institution not realising there was an error for the first twenty minutes. Many students were left waiting hours for the correct results to be posted.

Our Take: Isn't that just everyone's worst nightmare? You've taken on a large amount of debt, spent three years of your life studying tirelessly, and after all that getting the wrong results? Heartbreaking stuff. Should probably have gone to Manchester instead....

Machin's State: On Festivals

FestivalHello, Jack here, this is a bit of an experiment with the weekly news column. I've been writing it for about 6 months now but recently I've been thinking about branching out from the regular news with a bit of rant or comment on something that's been on my mind in a particular week. The powers that be thought it sounded like a decent new feature and gave me the go ahead. So here we are.

Lacking the enthusiasm for any of the major UK festivals lineups, and the funds to go any further afield, this summer will be first since 2008 that I won't be attending a festival in any form. Having been a festival regular for 5 years as punter, guest list +1, reviewer, food seller, fire tower attendant and various other roles this summer will be a little empty without a few days living in a field.

Luckily, Glastonbury was being comprehensively covered the BBC. Unluckily this meant having to watch BBC presenters as well, Jo Whiley being the worst offender but only because Fearne Cotton is, mercifully, still absent. The Stones proved that age can't stop great songs from being great; Bruce Forsyth showed that age can't stop light entertainment from being light; and Nick Cave stood on some terrified Mumford and Sons fans. All a decent watch.

My predictions for next years headliners are Prince, Adele and Kings Of Leon, get in touch in the comments or email your predictions and I'll put the most interesting in next weeks column. If you're heading to a festival this year, make sure you've read our guide. And that's the State of Machin.


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