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50k Over-50s student loans, Shop prices continue to fall, Best job ever?…

More over-50s taking out student loans

Old-Students£67 million a year in student loans is being claimed by Britain’s baby-boomer generation- loans that they are unlikely to ever repay.

Figures acquired through the Freedom of Information Act show that over 5,000 over 50s have taken advantage of taxpayer-backed loans so they can take university courses.

Young people currently at university will be paying off their loans for the next 30 years whereas increasing numbers of baby-boomers are continuing to get university education potentially for free.

Our take: This is a tricky one. The government needs to decide whether access to higher education is a right that the entire population is entitled to regardless of age or whether a university education should be seen as an economic investment. If the first is true then good on those that are brave enough to go back for a degree.

Student accidentally emails 5,000 class mates


A student at Sheffield University accidentally sent an email to over 5,000 of his graduating classmates by hitting the reply to all button.

The email read...

Dear Sir/Madam

I am really sorry for my stupid disorganisation but i have been working 12 hour shifts all week and haven’t had a chance to check my email, can i still hire robes? If so how?

Thanks very much.


This resulted in an epic viral campaign, a popular hashtag and a variety of creative responses. Read them all here.

Our take: We’re all very pleased that Alan now has his robes sorted in time for graduation and hope his hard work pays off.

Secret Life of Students is a hit

Life-of-a-StudentThe new Channel 4 documentary The Secret Life of Students has been a big hit across the board.

Closely following a handful of students through their social media updates, texts and Facebook messages the documentary presents a more raw and honest view of what life is like for these young people leaving home and adjusting to the intense university environment.

Our take: This is well worth a watch and is extremely relatable. It’s also great to see the media looking at university students, particularly the freshers aspect of university, in a more rounded way rather than just focussing on binge drinking and clubbing culture.

Shop prices most dramatic decrease since 2006

Clothes-Prices-DecreaseThis June saw the 14th consecutive month of a decrease in the price of UK store goods.

The British Retail Consortium/Nielsen shop price index stated that the drop in price of clothing and electrical goods- largely due to discounting- led the charge whilst food prices continued to rise, although at a decreased rate.

Our take: The competition between supermarkets is thankfully slowing the increase in food prices, and as far as discounted clothes and electrical goods go we all love a bargain. Wonder if our deals have anything to do with it?

Netflix is hiring Professional Binge Watcher

Netflix-JobCould this be the best job ever? Netflix is looking for a professional “tagger”.

The job role is to watch and analyse films and series that will steam on Netflix in the future.

Although the salary is unspecified perks include: watching hours of prime TV, never having to leave your house again and being allowed to do a paid job in your onesie.

Our take: Best. Job. Ever. We suggest everyone apply, stock up on popcorn and hope for the best.


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