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Student News

1st Years Drink Less, Grad takes on Gvt & Wins, Finance Ed, Republic in Administration…

Finance Education To Be Added To School Curriculum

pfegAs of 2014, Finance Education looks to be set in the secondary school curriculum for Citizenship. Having been leading the calls for over 10 years, campaign group PFEG, look to have got their wish as personal finance has been added to the list of compulsory subjects a student will have to learn in school.

This education will teach pupils how loans work, personal budgeting and money management, all skills which will prove invaluable in higher education (a bit like our student finance eBook then).

Our take: A good one to start off with! Especially with National Student Money Week starting (look below) this week as well. Educating young people about finance is vital, especially if it encourages sensible spending and stops people falling into credit card debt.

National Student Money Week Kicks Off

National Student Money WeekNational Student Money Week (NSMW) is an event organised to help students get the financial support and advice they need. 2013 is the third year that the week has run, and it looks set to reach more people than ever this year.

The event is not just for students, but also for the media, politicians and the general public to improve students' financial situations.

Our take: Admittedly, as one of the supporters, we have a vested interest here, but it's well worth checking out anyway. Check their website to see if there's an event close to you and all the great stuff that's happening this week, or get involved online and see if you pick up any hints that'll save you money.

Graduate Wins Appeal Against 'Work For Free' Scheme

catreillyA court appeal against the government's back to work scheme has ruled that it is unlawful to force people to work for free.

Cait Reilly, a 24 year old graduate was required to do unpaid work for Poundland, but instead, claiming the scheme wouldn't help her get a career, challenged the scheme and won her appeal.

Our take: Being a graduate can be a scary place, you quickly miss the good old days of a student loan. The job seekers system is far from perfect and forcing people to stack shelves for free is simply not on. Hopefully this high profile case will lead to a change of the system, we could see it start to find jobs that benefit them, as well as the companies they work for.

Republic is the Latest High Street Casualty

republiclogoThe high street shopping chain Republic looks set to fall into administration. About 2500 jobs are set to be at risk, if the chain does go under.

The shop was bought by an American private equity firm in 2010, but falling sales and a poor Christmas it is now dire straits.

Our take: Another one bites the dust! What a terrible time British retail is having at the moment. Where will teenagers go to buy clothes for their school discos now? Primark, probably. The loss of jobs is obviously worrying, but in terms of fashion, it's a bit of a let off.

First Year Students are Drinking less

pre_drinkingLast month we carried out a survey on the nightlife and drinking habits of students. One of the major talking points was that 1st year students claimed to spend less nights going out than 2nd and 3rd year students.

This is a major shock because it's a reversal of what you would expect at university.

The survey also showed that there was a drop in students spending on going out compared to recent figures from a year ago.

Our take: We don't want to draw concrete conclusions from this but it appears as if the rise in fees and living costs may be causing students to drink less. On top of this, the fact that the fees have risen may have caused more students to think carefully about how much time they spend studying compared to going out drinking.


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